Noz The Greek

Tell me mastermind what you would know about leading? A joke about being " Possibly the greatest player no-one has ever heard of " has really got your knickers in a twist.

Have you ever led anyone to anything ? Making myself a target helped my weaker players to survive a deeply uneven contest - made worse by Saladin's sabotage.

(No Bear these were not great lads they were exactly as I described them).

Some great leaders may indeed make ego massaging attacks on others strongholds.

It was an offer Phil declined none castigated him for that not even I .

Perhaps great leaders do whatever might be in the best interests of their wider membership at any given point in time in any given situation. But what depth of perception can be expected from an Avowed NOOB Hater like you . ?

Put some sugar on your dummy - it may fill your cavernous gob for a bit longer before your next exocetal explosion of wisdom on this stage.

boring. Now go away and lose in O64.


Come on Noz be nice, last I looked you all cuddling up with Caustic where is the honor in fighting for a crown, wouldn't that make a world boring :) :) :)

Noz The Greek

Come on Noz be nice, last I looked you all cuddling up with Caustic where is the honor in fighting for a crown, wouldn't that make a world boring :) :) :)

Shaz - What? I thought it was a boring post
I am just partially playing/ simming because of my Grep addiction (must re-visit my shrink), I am not motivated by crowns or wins anymore, just fun when I can. This world isn't as challenging/ not quite as boring as some i have played and that actually suits me right now. We have enough fun with Bloods, amazingly EBG actually sent a few attacks, and then proceeded with flipping a few of our revolts. Caustic came to win, at whatever cost (ie actually fighting) whereas we came to fight. Somewhere along the road, the priorities changed - we shall see what happens next.


I personally believe you all dont need Caustic my friend and I know 60% of your alliance thinks that, I know for one you all have a strong core and a force to be reckoned with, I have no ill will against Caustic Players, my banter is with few leadership not all but some, the deceitful and backstabbing ones.

I can assure you Noz, dont be fooled by their sweet talks because one day they will betray and you all will be too sucked into them, I sure wish Beer and Spongy realize what is going to happen :) :) :) :)




As you all know I have apolicy of not reporting players out of the game especially when a moment of bitter madness prompts their communications to fall below BBC Radio 4 standards of probity ..

However ..


WitchunterGeneral today at 15:29




This is why it s worth giving them a good hiding...

they actually deserve it ..






(This message was forwarded)
Vinacles today at 15:29
I just don't believe in sensorship.

WitchunterGeneral today at 15:27

That is not good enough and you just wrote yourself out of my respect.

If you actually condone that behaviour and it seems clearly you do. then you and I ahve nothing to talk about ever again.

I am merely sorry thta I misjudged you as a proper person and not just another of the vicious morally bankrupt TLO rabble .

I am destroying TLO as we speak. For two weeks they have drained TLS and TLA to try and cover ranking.

But with SMYS coming in from the south ( as I planned ) and LOTR holding their own after the Pearl Harbour Treachery TLO are going to get served axactly what they and clearly you now deserve.

No futher communication need ever take place between us .

Right is Right and wrong is wrong . Sadly you and TLO just dont understand these concepts.


"Yea verily out of their own mouths will they condemm themselves. " Liviticus .. ( It might not be Liviticus I am willing to b ecorrcted here )

Vinacles today at 15:21 TLO TOP LEADER GROUP

I was on Vacation mode for the past couple weeks. I don't know what you're talking about. And I don't really care what he said. Was it inapropriate? probably. but thats up to the mods if they want to ban him from being instagatory. even if I was here and knew what he said. I wouldn't get rid of him because se need actives and thats bottom line. I dont think anyone really thinks you're a pedo so his remarks are meerely insults at best and if you don't like it then tough. just be the bigger man let it go and and if you want to do something about what he said don't talk to me report him. if that doesn't work, play the game and try to destroy him for revenge.

WitchunterGeneral today at 14:22

In that case why didnt you expel Smithy when he made the inappropriate slur ?

Vinacles today at 14:16

I helped build this Alliance I was in it from the begginning. Of course I'm going to hand over my cities.
WitchunterGeneral today at 14:09

( This is an edited quote )

I was dissapointed when Smity89 was not expelled for making slurs against me .. It is harf to respect your opposing Alliance after that . His feet would not have toucj=hed the floor on teh way out f LOTR and most decent groups.

But like I saywe always had a good understanding..
Let me know whatyou want .

Ill try and respect your wishes ..

Vinacles today at 14:01

But yeah my reasons for quitting are entirely external. I have no fear for lotr even if smyn is at your back. not dick waving or saying whose better or worse I just didn't really have much fear for in game issues as long as I could remain active. and thats just how I feel.

Vinacles today at 13:58

EDited because it would be invasion of Vinackes privacy to post ..

WitchunterGeneral today at 13:55
I am sure you ropponents would accept a transfer to LOTR as an alternative to progressing their existing revolts..



I'm currently in temporary charge of TLO along with Sol on the admin front - so if you want to go spamming people, please just come and scream at me. My messages are wide open.

Although I am confused as to how that subject came about - and why you raised it when it had no relativity to the conversation. I'd also prefer if you didn't call the men in my alliance that inappriate name for the externals- which you carefully managed to edit out of this post - and that you don't try and judge an alliance from a few that may have once stepped out of line - which I apologise for if so (take it to whatever extent you wish).

But, to say that I (as a leader in TLO) have no morals is actually quite offensive to me, to be honest. For, I don't like to toot horns or talk about my real life but I suppose I will have to anyway. I am a person who does community service weekly because I want to and someone who also hopes to train at Uni in medicine (as I am still relatively young) to go on and help others less fortunate or in a worser place than myself. If that means I have no moral groundings and that I am an a$$ - by all means - call me out.

However, I hope you can see past history and perhaps fancy your chances at having a collected, mature conversation with myself to try and find a relationship that isn't as bitter as coffee or as sour as lemon.


Legally all your doing is slandering people. Which legally could cost Inno money with it being on their forums. Start using your ... yeah never mind forgot the general consensus of who I am answering...


Legally all your doing is slandering people. Which legally could cost Inno money with it being on their forums. Start using your ... yeah never mind forgot the general consensus of who I am answering...

Yeah forget the uncomfortable fact that you were the one slandered. Yeah you don't matter . Yeah destroixii if you dont understand the issue . yeah dont comment it . Yeah???

The point is very clear LOTR does not tolerate that sort of behaviour. TLO did tolerate it despite being informed.

Yeah??? never mind.. forget the general lack of acuity of the correspondent.


WG, I was not in charge at the time this 'p' slur occurred, (nor was I aware of it until now, to be frank). However, he's gone now regardless - if all this is true. I don't see why you feel the need to drag this out. Yet, the offer for a pleasant conversation is always open if you feel the need to get something off your chest or to simply talk. I think you'll find dealing with me a little more tolerable.

He was not expelled as he should have been. He left after a comfy palsy handover of his cities and a nice litle pat on the head.

Te process of reconciliation could start with an acknowledgement and an apology.

Why exactly do you think so many of your members are quitting at the present time? TLO management badly misjudged the mood of many of their members who are decent people. Rather than argue for decency they have simply voted with their feet.

How would you have dealt with this issue had you been the wronged party.?
I am not the Merchant Of Venice - If you prick me I bleed the same as any other person.

Let s be clear I brought this first to TLO management attention giving them the chance to deal with it quietly.
Why they eschewed that chance is a more appropriate question.

It is dealt with now.. If you are indeed bringing fresh ideas and approach to TLO manaagment

Come Wednesday we should review matters.

This war is becoming disastrous for TLO A and S ..

Moderator you may remove all associated items to this thread as soon as you like.


It is a good first step. TLO needed a change of management direction. You may actually be good for them and for the game.

WE would now have been looking at a push for a outside chance of a win had things been handled and voted upon differently ..

I will advise you in private ( if you are really interested in the best courses ( in my opinion ) now remaining open for your members.)

But this mindless vilification of every comment I make has to cease. I was forced to come back on External for that issue.

Which is NOW CLOSED.

I will talk to my Lieutenants and revert to you ( IN PRIVATE ) on Wednesday..

Please God let this indeed be my last External Post on Nagidos.


Well that is a very handsome tribute Noz. Perhaps I have been excessively brusque with you in the past.. If anything genuinely newsworthy happens will resume my posts. However ATM it is tumbleweed ..