Newspaper Emporion Chronicles Issue Five


Emporion Chronicles
By Rock5

In This Issue:
  • Quick Update
  • Interviews
  • Humour
  • Tavern
  • Wheel of Fortune

Quick Update
Welcome to the 5th issue of the Emporion Chronicles where news is released every 3 days. In this issue, I would like to cover many things. First off, I would like to cover a bit of the War Stats.
Weekly War Stats
WAR STATSThe Syndicate vs Cause and Effect

WAR STATSThe Barbarians vs Freedom

WAR STATSHonor and Power vs ThePlague

WAR STATSOmega vs Reign of Terror

Now I would like to do an ocean analysis of the world. The oceans I would like to cover are:
Below the rankings for each ocean are maps of the top 3 alliances in each ocean.

Noobs Incorporated

What are your thoughts on the world?
JungleBear said:
overall the world seems dominated by a group called syndicate....they look like they have maybe played before. Been new to the game, im hoping once i get going we can destroy these. Put my first £5 in so hoping advisors for a few days will build me up quick
What are your thoughts on the Christmas Event?
JungleBear said:
i love christmas and santa claus
What worlds have you played before? Were any of them successful?
JungleBear said:
this is my first world, and many of my school friends too.. we will win as we are currently putting more than 2 hours a day into the 5 minute clicking on a farm thing.... seems slow but we are all building and should anyone attack we will be ready....
Your alliance has taken 1 city off of Fallen Angels. Are you at war with them?
JungleBear said:
he was inactive and to be honest the guy didnt know what he was doing so i guess you could call it lucky.

if the misses gets out of the way

maybe il be able to take one soon.

does it mean we are at war if we take a city ? whoops ? hope they dont attack us
What are your goals for this world?
JungleBear said:
goals dont understand ? is the aim not just to survive ?
Who came up with the alliance name and why that name?
JungleBear said:
thought it suited us who we are. is it not scary ? lol maybe people will feel sorry for us and not of the girls did this earlier..we will learn then kill all
Any last words before we end the interview?
JungleBear said:
this game does get very frustrating what are we doing wrong ? LETHALEE failed in thsi attack earlier
Michael Cook
Transcient Drifters

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
Michael Cook said:
I'm okay with this far.
We're finding our footing and trying to determine who the gold whores may be and which alliances to build up for to challenge.
We're lucky to have a large nucleus of experienced fighters, defenders and mixed players. It's going to be interesting to see where it leads and how it goes.
What are your thoughts on the Christmas Event?
Michael Cook said:
It's okay. Glad you can play on the app, which is nice for a change with these events.
Great for gold whores who can spin to their heart's content. But they need to add Cerbs and Minotaurs for defenders. Pegs used to be good until they lowered their stats a year ago. At least they can do a HC.
What previous worlds have you played before? Were any of them successful?
Michael Cook said:
I've played on Sinope en.81...not successful but TD is still there, just in a diminished state as the world is ending.
I am playing on Bhrytos en.85 and things are looking up for TD:)
And I am finishing off Hermonassa en.72, where TD won the Crown. The world is still going but ending soon.
What are your alliance goals for this world?
Michael Cook said:
As I'm sure you've heard from everyone else, winning the world of course.
Have you declared war on anyone yet?
Michael Cook said:
No not yet, still trying to sort through allies and potential enemies.
Do you think that gold is necessary in order to survive in this world?
Michael Cook said:
It may be the way to survive in any world without morale.
Morale at least gives small players a bit more of a chance to survive.

But let's face it, gold takes some of the fun out of the game and just gets Grep richer and not making the changes they need to make to make it fairer. I understand that before attackers had to lose a lot of ships to clear a harbour to be able to land but to build in breakthrough to attacks now is ridiculous. I want to know the justification for being able to stir a revolt when the harbour isn't clear and the attack(s) came via sea. There has to be some balance here.

I know Grep is in this to make money, and I understand that completely, but to reward gold players with an added advantage makes this game far less interesting for me, after this world ends. I will see it through despite this though.
Any last words before we end the newspaper?
Michael Cook said:
Just that I wish everyone well, to have fun, remember it's a game and to please treat others respectfully, with integrity and display some honour and honesty.

Welcome to another Tavern! It’s up to you to decide which are real and which are false!
  • The most active alliance is Noobs Incorporated with 100% active players in the last 24 hours.
  • New Toons alliance has made an academy
  • One of the most popular players last week was meg4loman with 1 hits.
  • Some of the members of Noobs Incorporated has threatened to leave because of the alliance name.
  • The least active alliance is Rebels with 63% active players in the last 24 hours.
  • I have sent a CS to O95 in order to protect myself from getting conquered.
  • One of the most popular players last week was UnDo with 1 hits.
  • One of the most popular players last week was mars222111 with 1 hits.

Wheel of Fortune
Last issue's Winner:J.N.C 93

Reward: 1000 Wood 3000 silver
Welcome to the 5rd Wheel of Fortune.
Pick a number between 0-50
See you next week.

I hope you enjoyed this issue. If you want to +rep me, go ahead! If you want to enter the Wheel of Fortune, I highly recommend it! If you have any suggestions please post below. See you all in the next issue!
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Interesting read like the interview from our fearless leader ;) WOF 7 as always buddy :)


What topics would you guys like me to cover in the next issue?

Open to suggestions ATM.


Try something like an editorial. You know a few opinions to stir up a debate or two or a war etc. I pick 37 by the way


You can discuss politics in this world :D
I heard there were a lot of PACT-NAP being set up against TS. A coalition will probably be forming soon
My number: 45


I'll give you the dirty on Leolis/Ragna/Chill....and what they are really up to.

i have style.


If anyone has anything interesting, just PM me ingame(Americanmercenary2)

Should I continue putting maps into the newspapers?


I would love to see community questions that people put here to be answered by selected leaders say maybe 3. You can survey for which leaders are chosen and which questions ? Hard to do, but could be fun :)


Seems i missed something... some players want to leave alliance chause alliance name...
.aaaahhh...really...this is just ,just,just....uhuhh ...i like to see who are those...damn.


yes continue the maps, gives a good idea of were everyone is and how the alliances are grouped up spread out.



I've decided to try something new to the newspaper. I hope you'll enjoy reading Issue Six(Which by the way is coming out tommorow)!


Looking forward to it rock if you ever want any info send me a message :)


As soon as someone attacks you will ghost...clown.

By the time Rock sends you a message you will have ghosted.

FlyingMonkey...relax. Know about your ghosting ways.