Newspaper Emporion Chronicles Issue Four


Emporion Chronicles
By Rock5

In This Issue:
  • Quick Update
  • Interviews
  • Humour
  • Tavern
  • Wheel of Fortune

Quick Update
Welcome to the 4th issue of the Edessa Chronicles where news is delivered every 3 days. Let’s get straight to it!

This issue will be short because instead of focusing on the maps and the point rankings, I would like to focus on the BP portion of it in this issue. The rankings are below:
Alliance ABP Rankings:
Alliance DBP Rankings:
Alliance Fighter Rankings

The Syndicate

What are your thoughts on the world?
mungus1974 said:
Looks to me like another walk in the park, i know it`s till early days but i don`t see to much competition.
Is The Syndicate a Premade?
mungus1974 said:
OFc and probably the best ever made
What are your thoughts on the Christmas Event?
mungus1974 said:
Like any other INNO event it is only about gold and more gold.There is some great awards but without gold you not gonna get them.
Now BP is over, have you declared war on any alliances yet?
mungus1974 said:
Every alliance in our core is marked red from day one.We have simple rule if it is not blue then it is red, so people are free to attack whoever they want.Officially we did that on external forum so every alliance in this world can see it.
We came to this world to prove to our self first and then to the others that in this era of cuddling style of play like Eviction Notice a single alliance can win the world without any NAP or Pact.
We gonna do that or die trying.
Everyone can form one big coalition against us if they want, we simply don`t care.
Is your alliance planning to build world wonders?
mungus1974 said:
Yes that is why we are here.We are not huge fans of WW but until INNO don`t change this end game, we will play it and win it.
Is Emporion going to be your last world?
mungus1974 said:
I don`t think so.We all love this game and we are addicted and like every other addiction is hard to say no
Any last words before we end the interview?
mungus1974 said:
Yes, happy birthday Oldmexicanguy
The Barbarians

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
Zu0001 said:
Slow, it is a bit like watching paint dry, yet otherwise I do think we should reach an agreement on global warming. Having a coral reef in the North Sea would not be worst side effect, but other than that, this world is cool.
What are your thoughts on the Christmas Event?
Zu0001 said:
you click it, it twirls, hey presto, you get something. Doesn't merit much thought. Kinda like a brothel if you end up paying for it.
What are your goals for this world?
Zu0001 said:
Winning the Euros next year. and maybe have a BBQ, but other than that, our goal are standard ruglation size, I think they may have been made by barryh, an utterly useless blacksmith. The toys he makes are not worth their money, best buy Chinese instead.
Who named your alliance and is there any meaning to it?
Zu0001 said:
the name dates back to Lamia. It has created by an illiterate sadhu, an enlightened man, and was paassed through his intestine, via some bug, into the malaria induced haluciniation, of our spiritual leader. Basically I think it means that we stink, personal hygiene is not a strong point of ours.Being sober is frowned upon, and ting in your neighbours yard is encouraged. It brings down property value for the other skint UB40s to move in.
Have you declared war on any alliance yet?
Zu0001 said:
yeah, we are fighting that player guest1274492, we reported him for multi accounting. So yes, we are fighting gravity and physics, and that cheat called guest12334758. You call that a war? Virtual stuff getting killed? Strange that we all find war abhorrent, but love to fight within the safety of the virtual world.
What are your thoughts on the alliances in your ocean?
Zu0001 said:
that they are from The States, honor is written honour. We know when you sleep
Other than that, I guess they are all good surfers, none have drowned just yet. But I have utter respect for Drunken Goats. Love the fact that the name has a plural when the alliance has only one player
Does your alliance plan on doing world wonders?
Zu0001 said:
World wonders, the World wonders?
I think we are all more into the opposite gender, and if not, into the same gender. We do not discriminate, we just have group [Expletive Word]. One big love in. One happy family, just like Wales.
Any last words before we end the interview?
Zu0001 said:
ok, last words which are PC, let me think, Dont eat yellow snow

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Welcome to the fourth Tavern, where beer is served and rumours fly around. It’s up to you if any of the rumours are true.

  • The Barbarians have accepted a pact request from Omega
  • My birthday is already past
  • Syndicate has a internal leadership conflict but pretends to be the best alliance ever
  • Oldmexicanguy is a spy for The Barbarians
  • Honor and Power has an academy called Power and Honor

Wheel of Fortune
Last Issue's Winner: Gesote!

Reward: 1100 wood
1700 Silver!

Welcome to the 4th Wheel of Fortune.
Pick a number between 0-50
See you next week.

I hope you enjoyed this issue. If you want to +rep me, go ahead! If you want to enter the Wheel of Fortune, I highly recommend it! If you have any suggestions please post below. See you all in the next issue!
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[*]Syndicate has a internal leadership conflict but pretends to be the best alliance ever
[*]Oldmexicanguy is a spy for The Barbarians

You know what Rock? Those two made this edition by far the best Grepo newspaper ever I have ever read. While most of people in TS could agree that Oldmexicanguy is a spy the prior rumor just can't stop me laughing

Great work! Still can't rep you :(


Issue 3 winner is.....GESOTE!

You will receive your reward as well as a letter of congratulations!


Thanks mate surprised you know who I am in game thanks shall keep following and shall keep picking 7 ;)


I have some good news!
Some of the stat sites I use are finally displaying Emporion! That means I can put in war stats!

Next issue will have war stats and other good stuff


Best edition yet, a good funny read, if i could rep. you i actually would for this one.:pro:

WOF 13


As always, well written and always a good laugh.

Zu0001's interview was fun to read as well
+1 If I could

WOF- 4



How can I improve this newspaper? Post your suggestions below!


more expensive than most to get a huge advantage (doesnt mean some people wnt get that advantage, but less will). i know after some events, and without spending too much gold, i ended up with 5+ manti nukes and full inventory of HS and other great bonus.

it is a bit long and i would prefer it was only a 2 week event, but its more balanced than most events. anyway getting the small rewards like resources or archers/hops is still very beneficial in these early stages of the world