Newspaper Emporion Chronicles Issue Seven


Emporion Chronicles
By Rock5

In This Issue:
  • Quick Update
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Quick Update
Welcome to the 7th issue of the Emporion Chronicles, where news is released every three days. Let’s get to it!
Rim Alliances?
Yes. Finally. The rim has opened. That’s the first surprising event. We have a rim?! Another surprising event: Rim alliances??!! Yep and there’s going to more and more of them. Some of the rim alliances people should keep track of are:
  • Team Harlock~Currently ranked 11th in the points ranking, 9th in ABP, 23rd in DBP, and 12th Overall BP. They are located in mostly in O53 and edging into O54, they have no real enemies and are safe at the moment.
  • Rising Heroes~Currently ranked 20th in the points ranking, 40th in ABP, 53rd in DBP, and 46th overall, they are mostly in O34 with some in O44. They only joined a few days ago, which explains why they are pretty low in the rankings but the alliance quite a few notable names.
  • District Knights of Columbus~Currently ranked 17th in the points ranking, 32nd in ABP ranking, 38th in DBP, and 36th overall BP. They are mostly in O64 with a few in O54.
Omega Merge With The Brother Hood
Starting on December 16th, 2015, Omega decided to merge into The Brotherhood. This brought the ranking of the Brotherhood to 4th place in the points ranking. Brotherhood is currently 4th in the points rankings, 4th in ABP, 4th in DBP, and 4th in overall BP. The alliance is mainly located in O44. The alliance is targeting no major alliance.
The following is a very short interview with Wayne Enterprises, a member of The Brotherhood
Wayne Enterprises
The Brotherhood

Why did the merge between the brother hood and omega occur?
Wayne Enterprises said:
Because we have always been as one.
Do you believe it is the right decision to merge?
Wayne Enterprises said:
It is, we belong as one <3
World At the Moment
Have you always wondered how long it would would take to reach world wonders? The world status is below:
We have 19 months left to go. If you want to join the world, you still have time to join!
STATSThe Syndicate vs The Barbarians

STATSNew Toon Alliance vs Legion of the Damned

STATSNoobs Incorporated vs The Storm Cloaks

The Bloody Axe

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
Achileus85 said:
The world is slow, but it is good, less stress later in game. This will be one long, long game...
Alliances going up and down so I can't say anything about them, everything will change every day. In this marathon most important is not a strength, but a endurance.
What are your thoughts on the Christmas Event?
Achileus85 said:
This is good thing that make a game more interesting. You can wait for a new presents every day. It is a great idea from side of developers. Some presents is needless, but this a game - you can not get all the best candies!
Is your alliance a premade?
Achileus85 said:
I would say that half of alliance was premade, before we merge together (True Bloods + The Axe = The Bloody Axe). Many of alliance members are from previous world, where we are still playing.
What are your thoughts on the alliances in your ocean?
Achileus85 said:
Now top 5 of ocean 55 are
1. The Syndicate
2. The barbarians
3. The Bloody Axe
4. Torc

About Syndicate all I know for now is only a rumours and what I see. Everyone can see that they are using gold very active, they grow super fast. If ask me about that instant buy, then I must say that because of it game is not fair anymore. Winner is not a best player, but player with more money. And that syndicate strategy - make all other alliances red... I don't think that should work. Let's see in future.
The Barbarians - many good, experienced players and very good leadership. They will be unstoppable in this world.
The Bloody Axe is our alliance. Many experienced, battle-hardened players will show their names in history of this world. Many of us are not 100% active in this world, since in another world WW soon will be opened, but when time will come, we will show what we got.
Torc - total MRA without future. My opinion about that alliance was made after I kick out few slow growing simmers and Torc immediately took them in their alliance. They will die quickly in chaos if someone will made some little OP against them.
DARKNESS are sister alliance of The Bloody Axe. We are the same, so I can say only the same.
What are your goals for this world?
Achileus85 said:
This is slow world and there most important is endurance and patience. My goal there is to keep our alliance organised and strong, keep everybody together and keep aim to our target. And slowly, in speed of this world, go for a victory.
But most important - to get a fun from playing. In the end - that's why we are play this game - to get fun and feelings that real life does not offer to us!
Have you declared war on anyone yet?
Achileus85 said:
When we will declare a war on someone, they will definitely know it
Any last words before we end the interview?
Achileus85 said:
I guess all I can say is - to everybody - remember that this is just a game, and in another side of computer always sit a people, so respect every one. If you want to win, you attack someone, and they do the same because they want the same, it is not because they hate you - every body should understand this!

timothy dewey
The Barbarians

What are your thoughts on the world so far?
timothy dewey said:
Its ok, pretty much what we expected, slow. Seems more alliances are beginning to take shape, could be interesting as game moves forward.
Statistics have shown that your alliance has been taking quite a lot of cities from Honor and Power. Is your alliance at war with them? Where are they now?
timothy dewey said:
Honor and Power was an obvious direction for us to move into. Some are now Barbarians, others farms, its the game.
Now Honor and Power is finished, are there any other alliances you're at war with?
timothy dewey said:
No Comment, that's for the alliance to know.
Is your alliance planning on doing World wonders or is the alliance going to leave before world wonder starts?
timothy dewey said:
Far to early to say, will be a long road to WW. A lot depends on the membership being here at that stage, if we're in a position to do WW we will, its only fair on members who still feel a crown means something in this game.
Rumours have said that your alliance has started a Coalition against the Syndicate. Is that true?
timothy dewey said:
No, but its probably fair to say most alliances here regard TS as the team to fear.
Do you believe your alliance will become number 1 in the future?
timothy dewey said:
Not much point playing if that isn't every alliances goal.
Any last words before we end the interview?
timothy dewey said:
Only to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy NY.


Welcome to another round of the tavern where people share rumours! It’s up to YOU to decide which one’s are real and which ones are fake!
The Syndicate has began targeting the Barbarians
New Toon Alliance is mostly an offensive alliance while it’s academy New Toon Defenders are mostly a defensive alliance
Emporion Newspaper has 2 pacts.
Inno plans on putting the new BP farming system in 2 weeks

Wheel of Fortune
Winner of Issue 6: So what?

Prize:1600 stone!
Welcome to the 7th Wheel of Fortune.
Pick a number between 0-50
See you next week.

This is a test issue. I decided to try something new this time. Please comment below if you like/dislike the new format! That would be EXTREMELY helpful if comment on the new format. If you like the newspaper, then you can + rep! See you next time!
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New Toon Alliance is mostly an offensive alliance while it’s academy New Toon Defenders are mostly a defensive alliance

This rumor is false, they're all defenders ;)


Rumor is Toons and Erik have Pact again :D :D :D We all lnow blaze likes to kiss Erik`s a@@ but one thing i don`t understand, Hara and Frish?After all what he did to you in Sinope you gonna lick his a@@?


would like to say my interview was done before Sunday, .


So anything changed Tim? The coalition is set up? I hope Blaze and Erik are not leaders. Their huge coalition never works :D


Good read lots of information and i would like to hear about The Syndicates first op maybe kind of a PnP play by play :) WoF 7. Also there is no concrete coalition just people working together.


Thanks for the newspaper once again!

BTW- You forgot to backward slash the bold in the Achileus85 interview :)
WOF - 12


Hara, with Blaze as your diplomat we both know it will happen eventually. Have fun playing with Erik again this server!


Don't unmask them too early Gael. You knew that we would have fun with their relationship :D