Newspaper Ephesus Times Issue 2




R /Name/Points/Cities/Avg Points
1/Lords Of Loyalty /116461 / 108/ 1078
2/Honour and Power /11340 / 85/ 1334
3/Silent Hunters /98709 / 99/ 997
4/Pilgrim Soldiers /78860 / 84/ 939
5/D3th /76600 / 93/ 824
6/Death Faction /62805 / 75/ 837
7/THE UNION /49553 / 71/ 698
8/The Barbarians /48680 /74/ 658
9/The LOMBARDY /42199 /65/ 649
10/I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L.S/42151 /63/ 669
11/Shadow Gods /38836 /65/ 597
12/Excelsior /36832 /52/ 708


War Update
Internal Suffering started out strong but now Silent Hunters have been pounding them..IS ABP= 743 DBP=1003
SH DBP= 1581 ABP=4076

Shadow Legion have been fighting a low-scale battle with Pilgrim Soldiers due a merger betrayal...

Interview of Random Top Ten alliance, interviewed Parmija, founder of Pilgrim Soldiers

Your currently the fourth best alliance, but your very quiet and off radar.

1. Are you in any wars
We are currently at war with Shadow Legion. Many of the earliest members of the alliance were members of Shadow Legion at the time of the first merger on the world. Unfortunately, the leader of the alliance merging in was given founder rights and his first act was to remove the founders from the new bigger alliance. Many of our members were rightly outraged at this and his attitude, so I left and formed this alliance. To be honest the war is fairly low scale, as befits one on this speed a server, but we feel quietly confident about how things will go!

2. Is there any threats to your alliance?
Apart from the war, there are always threats to the alliance. Probably the biggest is from within as there are always players who are less active hiding behind the active players. We are fairly well balanced at present but should the scales tip too far then there might be problems. At the same time, we are always keeping an eye on the other alliances who are based close by and there are a few who are growing quickly and may pose a threat in the future.

3. What are your plans now that BP is over.
Now BP is over we are actively encouraging the farming of non-alliance cities on our islands and are slowly expanding to overseas attacks. Some of our plans need to be kept under the hat but its safe to say that we are starting to identify targets for conquest, even though this is realistically still a way off.
4. How do you plan to stay alive
We plan to stay alive by being both strong and sensible in defence. We have built some good relationships with some of the other alliances and hope to continue these. We seek to be honest and reliable in our pact(s) and more than anything are building a solid base of reliable players who have clearly got the alliances interests at heart.

Interview of xxNightDeathxx founder of Anarchy69

1. Are you in any wars
1. I am not in any wars i was in a war with Mighty Phalanx but then we made them disbanned.

2. Is there any threats/enemies to your alliance?
2. Threats i dont think so im pretty well built and continueing to grow.

3. What are your plans now that BP is over.
3. Grow Stronger put more guides up and be here till the end with my fellow alliance/pact mates.

4. What Ocean do you currently run
4. I currently run o54. Planning to stay that way unless a alliance merges into us that is ina different ocean.

5. What would you like to tell me that they probably dont know about your alliance
5. I have created a program that allows me and whoever i choose to talk to eachother without a mic or without typeing just talk into your internal speakers and recieve it back! While playing grepolis! Im calling it Grepolis Voice Since you can talk over Grepolis itself.
I have the beta out now only for my alliance and will release it to the rest of the world of Grepolis later (More info will be released on how to get it) NEXT BIG THING ON GREPOLIS!

Interview of ShadowMelik founder of HAP

---1. Whats your secret, how did you get to be #1 so quickly
The answer to this is quite simple, we recruited carefully and stayed within our ocean to maximize the support available to our members. We are also fairly strict on activity and growth at the moment to ensure a good foundation for the future. A strong sense of communication and respect between the members and leaders is also required to be succesful.

2. Have you been picking of x santa army players
We have been recruiting some ex-SA members though a large amount of those who joined us did approach us themselves.

3. Any wars?
You could say we were at war with SA however at this stage its more of a brawl, the wars start once cities are conquered. Right now we are at peace, however this can change quickly

4. How do you plan to stay atop
We will continue much the way we have been, we are also building bridges with various alliances, not through the form of pacts and NAP's but through messages to build a mutual respect.

5. Do you know what happened to SA
SA fell due to poor leadership. The leaders who were active were cocky, causing many alliances to dislike them, leading to multiple attacks being received by their members which in turn disheartened the members to the point of leaving.

Lords of Loyalty: They have grown considerably strong since SA fell but...I messaged seven players trying to get in touch with the founder 1 replied and said he didnt k now, 1 replied and said why do I want to know, then did not reply again and the rest ignored me...It is impossible to get in touch with the founder. What if I wanted to join!!

Player of the week

HopelessDreamer1=866 abp alone!!! And 961 bp alone!!! Plus she is ranked 13 at total points give him a clap...
1.Who have you mainly been attacking for all those bp
Well personally I hate the alliance Silent Hunters. I try to attack as many of their members as I can, and I think I got most of my battle points from them. It's not my choice but if it was I would definately go to war against them. I mean they're really noobs don't you think so too?

2.Do you have any personal fueds or enemies from other worlds
I only play on Delphi as well and I don't really have enemies there because I'm loved wherever I go.

The #1 Alliance Santa has collapsed they went from over 100 members to less than 30…My sources that was there while it happened says and I qoute “The answer to why they fell is not because of being MRA or anything like that. It is because of the failed organization and coordinating skills of the leaders, specifically slobo.Had slobo been a good leader and kept his players organized, it would not have failed.” The members were constantly being attacked and he had no answer…“It wasn't necessarily a direct movement...1 player left, then it became like a card tower tumbling down...and slobo had the pieces and didnt know how to rebuild.“Most of the members, i believe, have went to Honor and Power (like me) or Lords of Loyalty. The members in Santa Army were good, just poorly led. And as the saying goes (im paraphrasing) 10 men well led, can beat 100 without a head.”
Nowadays slobo.c has been quiet and inactive and has yet to respond to anyone…

Thats it this week stuff left out will be added next week goodbye!!!
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I'm the reason SA fell. Well, partially.

And recruitment is closed in LoL. I'm suprised SA isn't the bad alliance of the week.

Also, terrible formatting. Multiple times I saw BBcodes half done. The pictures dont show either.


i DIDNT want to join lol I was just saying what if I did


OMG why is the founder the biggest secret ever....I just wanna know cause no one would say


Just want to point out that your player of the week HopelessDreamer1 Is a she not a he ;P.

All in all a very good newspaper :D


The power of my newspaper is big.........Anarchy 69 was a 30 player alliance now 62 and ranked 11....Alliances message me to get yourself known


CANT say I dont want him out their like that but he was in the alliance