Epitaph (a story to read in your spare time.. enjoy!)


My story.. “I will fight to my last breath!

They came to my island and attacked me, they said if I wanted to stay I had to join the Illuminaten, and last 3 days of siege before their claim was off. ..So I did.

Then they said “the NOOBS are the bad guys”, all of you in Illuminaten have to go and get 1000 attack battle points a week against them or we are kicking you out. So I tried, and died over and over on birmere walls.

Then they said we don’t need Illuminaten any more, but if you prove yourself on your own we will be watching and may take some of you into Illuminatus. So I was stuck in the alliance they renamed to T.B.D and later to The Darkness ..we started losing cities to both sides. Those were bad times.

Finally one member of our nearly dead alliance stepped up and said he talked to the Shadow Guards and they would take us into their sister alliance named Shadow if we moved up to ocean 55 and help fight in their war at the top of that ocean. ..So I said OK.

But Illuminati had other plans, when they saw us trying to move to 55 they focused on taking our cities even though some of us joined Shadow to move up there under their NAP. But the Shadow Guards said we would have to make it 3 days on “refugee rules” before they would help. ..So I did.

Three days went by and the Illuminati didn't stop their attacks.

So now you know my history here in Grepolis. I started as a new player and before I got my city to 2500 size they came for me, and that is where the story starts.

Now you will hear of the story's ending.. at least for me.. “Ruffyen the Samaritan Prince.”

A couple more days of 24 hour sieges went by and the leadership of the Shadow Guards decided I must be a spy after reading a letter written to the enemy confronting them about their spying on one of my cities. So I was kicked out without any recourse.

With no where to turn and very little chance of aid I thought about a saying I once heard as a child. It went “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Or something like that. So I tried to seek help from the enemies of the Illuminati, but none came.

I fought on tirelessly, picking and choosing when to fight, and where to fight and even earning the ire and respect of some attackers. But the toll was too great, tens of thousands of men had died, the Illuminati had too many armies and their tactics were unrelenting. And so it seemed I would die a cold and unremarkable death at the hands of my assailants..

..But in the distance across the harbor, ships were sailing into the dock! Someone had heard the plea for help and came! This war was far from over!

With renewed hope I rallied my troops and again.. this time with help.. pushed the oppressive Illuminati back from my cities. They thought it was about over, they could smell the blood in the water and some had already started celebrating and getting lax on their timings. But battle after battle they found empty ships returning home.

The battle for the city of Patra was a bloody one.. over 10 thousand troops died on those walls, most without ever breaching them. But breach them they did and in the final battle it was I who was off on my timing by 00:00:03 seconds.. sending the last of my army into a watery grave and leaving only the militia to man the walls.

In the final battle for the city of Kasaray the harbor was blockaded with nearly 200 ships! Yet it was not enough to prevent the dogmatic assault from a determined member of the Illuminati who had been beaten several times in the past but would not yield. He finally took the city by force with less than a minute of revolt time left.

As I put pen to ink, the capital of Vaticar is under heavy siege, it has been in and out of revolt five times and even with help it may not last another day. So I write this story's ending while I am still able, so that it can be told in future days that I most-likely will not see.

I have sent an envoy up north to try and find a haven where I and what is left of my men may live out our final days in exile. No longer “Ruffyen the Samaritan Prince from Vaticar” but instead just “Ruffyen the refugee”.

May your own story be filled with excitement, adventure, and friends ..so when your time comes you also will have earned an honorable death.

Thanks for reading this!
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Plus rep for time effort very nicely done.

IlluMRAts are only a good at going for the little guy and seem hell bent on doing so.:heh:


Nice story, engaging, sounds like a lot of fun you're having there. I do enjoy a good glorious defeat!


WOW, if I ever saw a story worth +rep, it is this!
Very good writing and am sorry to hear SG did you harm. But everybody can make mistakes...


I thought Im watching gladiator (the movie) man, im on tears......pls help me

truth and facts is that i tired to help you but you gave your cities to NOOBS. Any thing NOOBS related will be bleached out of this world.
Grepolis 101, never ever stab your old buddies even if they hurt you. Its a game play with dignity or leave.
I mastred your transition from The holy grail to illuminates and its all your fault not getting ABP/DBP...we cant carry passive players in this crazy world.
good luck dude, write to Steven Spielberg, he might hook you up with something.