Eulogy to Actium


Actium closes in 14 days and thus another chapter in the book of Grepolis comes to an end.

I will just create this thread for everyone to say a few words about this world if anyone wishes to do so.

For me this world was a new beginning, a comeback to the game and a way of getting myself aquainted with grepo 2.0. I started at the rim in a tiny alliance, something I wasn't used to, but made my way to the top in this world eventually. A big thank You to the players who got me interested in the game again in the first place (credit to the gang of Warmongers alliance) and an even bigger thank you to Byzantine Empire, who picked me up from the verge of quitting and introduced me to one awesome bunch of players with an incredible attitude to this game I have rarely seen.

A warm handshake to our biggest enemies - Shadow Guards - for making this wonder race one of the most exciting ones grepolis has seen to date (and believe me, these things tend to be anything but exciting). It also rarely happens when two sworn enemies manage to maintain a civil attitude towards each other and respect eachother as enemies and give credit where due and necessary to the foe.

It was one hell of a world, a deep bow to everyone who made this world happen and see You guys on other battlefields in the future!


My first world is finally ending :(.

Now all the proof that I was a major noob shall be archived for entirety :)


Farewell Actium and let it be known that Illuminati were present and still active right up to the very last day. Actium's most maligned alliance is ending the world with its head high and its pyramid at level 10 :)