Euro2016 Draw Completed......who will beat who next year in the footy?


So...the draw has been made....who will win, who will crash out....

Group A France, Romania Albania, Switzerland

Group B: England, Wales, Slovakia, Russia

Group C: Germany, Northern Ireland, Poland, Ukraine

Group D: Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Croatia

Group E: Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Italy

Group F: Portugal, Iceland, Hungary, Austria
Only prediction I'm brave enough to make is that England will under-perform as usual. Pretty safe bet. Where will the goals come from?


I think it's pretty easy to say poor Ireland are (insert curse word of choice) with our draw. Nevertheless COYBIG


As a Welshman i'm really happy to see Wales finally at a major tournament (I wasn't around in 1958) and with the group we drew we have a chance of getting through. #TogetherStronger