Why waste money on a FREE game lol
that is the question. :p

You more just openly said a good group of players can take 2 oceans in 1 month so I twisted the words a bit ;)
A world with ten premades would be pretty cool. It would be funny if they all tried to be in the same ocean though.


Bellerophon had plenty of remades, most didnt make it past the 1st month :D
All being center core locations.


EN congratz.
Well since I saw blaze, kronn, Lou, Paul and others that came in Myonia I knew ,not believed, hoped, thought or something else, I knew Myonia is going to be theirs period. Team that played for so long who know each other so well and that function like a machine . . . well other alliances had no chance.
My only regret is I didn`t stay in Myonia and experienced it my self but I am happy knowing crown is going into the hands of the best.
I wish you many more crowns and victories in the future.

Take care and all the best


Well, so yes.
Probably EN greatest Grepo Ally
I mean, it was 3-3 world, and they made it so easy and in a perfect way.

But Inno should stop produce worlds with that large alliance cap limit.
Because sooner or later all big good players join one ally, because they realized to cooperate is easier than fight each over.
So 40 players - should be maximum cap, if Inno wants to keep it competitive and profitable.

Anyway Congrats EN.
And I wonder what a monster that manster03???
How did he manage that huge gap over there?
like you said he is a monster and a nice guy