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    An alliance that Evolved from the old TU and BS, we are a sim alliance located in the core of the world. Our plan from day 1 was to sim until we finished our wonders first. We don't like war and try to avoid it at all cost, we have many friends around us but no enemies that spring to mind. We are ranked somewhere in the top 12 in points, not sure where we rank in BP as that kind of thing doesn't really interest us.

    Our mission is to build the biggest prettiest cities in the world and to build our wonders. Our allies in GS, Alpha/DF, pale faces, LB, MI and our many other friends are fantastic, they often send their troops to our cities for parties and we do like wise. Though it has to be said their troops wouldn't be the best drinkers in the world and most of them get wasted in the harbours before they even reach our cities.

    I myself am a noob who has no clue about running an alliance but luckily I have really smart friends like jnc who teaches me about how not to waste my time on silly things like planning and tactics. You may have seen me on the forum from time to time as I have made a post or 2 but tbh not sure anybody takes any notice of what I say.

    If you wish to join us you must have 300 million points, a merchant shop (for sending resources to our WW) and a theatre (to gain CP) in every city. If you are a really good player like my friend james (who done something in some other world which doesn't really matter here and I doubt anybody but him actually cares about it) then this alliance is probably not for you. You might be better in pale faces or pff (or was there a U in there somewhere) for short as they are totally not a sim alliance full of noobs.
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    Did the world end, and who won?
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    Apr 6, 2011
    Evo were the so called "winners" as we built 4 wonders, but the world continueson so who knows what happens
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    So there is really no winner?
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    We won! But nobody really cares haha. We quit playing on this world.
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    Dec 14, 2012
    Yeah right

    Murtis is totally not telling the truth,

    Everyone he listed as allies are their enemies. The world has ended but the war truly will never end. I was a Murder Inc. player. One of the leaders.
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    War ended when we (Evolution) built all 7 wonders :p