Exiled Renegades


We have set up our new home in Mochlos, some of our friends are joining us and more will follow, if you wish to join this alliance then send a message with a brief outline of your Grepo history, don't just send "I want in" as it won't work.
We have a long term plan that has been used before and will work again, as long as keep it simple.

All applications should go through Mike62.


Mike you should join the rest of the boys. Unless you are up north.


Looking forward to working with ya in O33. I'm in Lupi de Mari and am excited to have a few friends moving towards us.


This is funny.

Taken from Exiled renegades Profile - "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

Seems there are a lot of players here blocking punches with their faces, a way new way of fighting.. or not fighting is emerging. I must say, I would like to restart closer to the non fighters, there should be plenty of nicely simmed up cities about.... nomnomnomnom.

One question though, I normally "fight" my enemies through making them not sleep, by more specifically, "attacking" them and "taking" their cities, if you subdue them into submission, does that mean you get them to give you their cities.. if so, I am in awe, show me how its done, without subduing me, if you don't mind... or... please do subdue me... that would be a great alternative to getting attacked, I think.


We have an intelligent One.
From what i remember that sentence was taken from Sun Tzu and from what i remember he was One hell of a warmonger, so let's say that you seem to think you are better than he is, judging by the post. It is a joke right or do you really have delusions of grandeur?

And before you say anything i don't play this world anymore, in fact i stopped playing Grepo for a long while.
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Bond 007

He's just pointing something funny out. Even if it was a quote by some warrior, doesn't mean it has to relate to fighting hard. And the quote makes no sense, how do you subdue your enemy without fighting?