farming villages (captain) overview

Dr Bob

I am not writing about the change from the 2.12 update, at least I don't mind. I hoped however that the left pane with the city-list would make better use of the available space.

Imo there is no need for the line with the island number and I could also do without the resources numbers in that left pane. They show up on the right anyway when I select a city. (maybe apart from warehouse capacity, but that could move to the right window anyway)

If it could be like one line per city and the islands are removed, a lot more cities would fit before having to start scrolling down.

And if the cities could be sorted alphabetically on city name, I would be really happy, since that is the way they show up in the rest of the user interface too!
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i'm with you on the island thing, but i like being able to see the resources without necessarily clicking on each city.

and sorting alphabetically - YES PLEASE! i'm not sure why it is sorted by island instead of the same way your cities are sorted, doesn't make sense to me.


I got to this thread by entering a search for "captain farming" and I'm going to use it to vent my frustration at yet another example of the institutionalized stupidity rampant at Grepolis headquarters. I just activated my Captain for the first time on the world I'm now playing and for the first time under what is for me a new version. According to the in game commercials I'm supposed to be able to demand or loot all of the farming villages with one click. Which Innogenius decided it would be fun and profitable to make me pull my hair out trying to do it?

I checked the help files which, as usual, offered no useful information and gave me a headache. I asked in my alliances forum for instructions, which I got, which don't work, which makes me look like an idiot.

Is it TOO MUCH TO ASK that clear simple user friendly instructions on how to use a simple feature like that might be included with the purchase?


I think that you need to have the island thing. Especially if you have multiple cities on 1 island



Zippy River

LOL HaekelHansi. So much for "plunder all farming villages with ONE click"!

Yeah, it's still better, but I find it funny.



does the captian farm automaticly for the price they charge it should

T- Rex

does the captian farm automaticly for the price they charge it should

no that would be a bot..

and PLEASE PLEASE, do the cities alphabetically, it is so annoying that it goes by island #, i have to leave view on another island all the time from my 1st city, as this other island is the 1st to select in farming, when on line I farm every 5m, having it done by city name is soooooo much better


I agree with Pythagorus - it would be great to have the cities alphabetically listed. It would also (indirectly) let you prioritise which islands you prefer to farm!

does the captian farm automaticly for the price they charge it should

The payment isn't compulsory; if the advantages do not justify the cost for you then you are not forced to pay the price asked. IMO, the increased navy strength is better than the farming feature anyway, and, the captain farming feature is worth it because it is so much more efficient and saves lots of time.