Guide Farms with Heros (Chiron)


These guides are to update the old guides on how to collect all the farming villages. I will start by using Chiron the hero to describe how it is better, and faster to use him with hops than it is to use the old up to 600 slinger fashion.

step one: get Chiron as a hero.

step two: remember that you may need to gain a couple of the farms with Zeus's "Divine Sign", and/or Athena's "Patroness".

step three: make sure hops are researched.

step four: follow the guide below.

Brief explanation:

The old "slinger way" was, and still is good to use, but if you can obtain, or already have Chiron the hero, then it is best to go with hops instead, and this is why.


#1 reason: Speed

Slingers take 00:19:04* to build, and hops take 00:21:56. With that said slingers are quicker to build, but not with Chiron as the cities hero. With Chiron, and at level 1 (see above pic, as he increases production by 22% at level 1), it takes 4.8 minutes less time to build hops than it does slingers, making it a lot faster to build with hops ( about 17 min. compared to about 19 min.).

*1. Recruiting times are given for the lowest level of the barracks at which the unit can be trained.

2. The speed of the unit is given for worlds with unit speed 1. (A unit with Speed 15 will have speed 30 on a unit speed 2 world!

I will update this soon with all totals for each farm (farm1, farm 2 etc.).

Check out my other guides at

Update: March 2016 - I have finished this guide with the Farms 1-8, you must go to my site to see the completed version, I will soon get to completing it here. Here is the link to go directly to this guide:

Update: August 2017 - Guide no longer relevant, I guess I will just leave it here for memories.


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