Farsala sitrep update


Greetings, players of FARSALA, 1/1/13

To you forum dwellers who are not on Farsala...be gentle...you don't live there. This Thread is to update you on the major events and trends on Farsala, as most of this section of the forums stopped being posted-in the first week of Farsala's birth.

I am Learicus the Elder, and I sit upon the Rim. I was not consigned there, but I did not enter this world in the first week. Who I am is not important, only what I have to say. The strictly-forum dwellers do not think so, but they have abandoned hope of redemption and have consigned themselves here, so their words matter not in the actual game worlds in which we play. They flit about me even now, attempting to distract me with the fluttering of their ghostly wings and their petty gnat-like biting. As unimportant and ineffectual as the ghosts of who they once were, I will ignore them.

On to the update:
Separatists, XYZ, and Black Death Imperium, Paraclete, and Sons of Anarchy are UP; Ghosts, New Dawn, and Panta Rhei are DOWN. The conquests have begun, and war looms on the horizon but is not yet.

Over 100 alliances have gone by the wayside, and a hundred more will disappear in January for certain. Out of the 1400 alliances remaining, only 15 are near to or above a hundred in population. Nearly 200 alliances have between 5 and a 100 members, and about a thousand alliances consist of only one member. From the 48,000 cities there are 23,000 players remaining, with only a few thousand still active. The Ghost cities have begun to pop up here and there now. Those abandoned cities that have not yet ghosted are usually at the 175 to 200 point range, so the resources gained for farming them are not even worth the cost of the troops you send to farm them. So the farming of active players has begun. Grepostats is up and running, and mirrors most of what the world dwellers can access.

That is enough for now. I will not bore you with the day-to-day travails of the death of young cities or the dramas of alliance braggadocio. For you know that tale, you have been there before.

Fare thee well until next we meet,
I will see you on the waves.




This forum really didn't get started yet, so I don't know whats happening now. Very BORING.
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got any more updates?

What happened to you zultra are you still playing here?your alliance merged into nightswatch am I right but we've not seen much from you recently?still hanging in?