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The Only BUZzER

I might possibly start up a paper but there is no point in me doing it if nobody is going to read it. If you want me to make one post below please :p


ME!!! :)

Make it good!

Encourage people to come read it and post as well.. :)

The more people that post regularly the more likely a gold competition is to come! ;)

~ Lane

The Only BUZzER

oooooo gold competition :p why do all the worlds i join have dead forums


It's because of the timing the worlds were released. See "the doom of Farsala" thread


Well, this world is filled with MRAs and everyone is too lazy to post anything on the forums.
I disagree with that , just because we don't reply or post this doesn't means we are not active or lazy . I just have "no comment" about
most of the things posted here .