Fat Lady Sings!


Well, I almost never come to the externals....

Just thought I would quickly mention that I hear her singing, and it is music to my ears. World has been won, despite some naysayers, seems Pella went out with a whimper instead of a Bang. But Victory is sweet nonetheless.

Congrats to all my fellow Alliance members both on MLU and SLU.

I'll go back into hiding now lol.


Congratulations to MOS/MLU/SLU..........To be able to hold the ship straight for as long as you did and complete the WW's as you did is a remarkable achievement in Grepolis. Very well done.

Yours truly.


Congrats MOS you guys managed to stay #1 pretty much from day one till the end. Even if I don't agree with the way it was done still a hell of an accomplishment. Great Job!!