I was wondering how much extra favour do you get with every expansion level of the temple? For example, 4th level of temple built does that mean that you get 4 favour every hour or something like that.
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Taken from the wiki:
Favor is calculated as the square root of all your all your added temple levels for the God you worship. i.e, you have 3 cities worshiping Zeus with temple levels 25, 13 and 19. Your favor for Zeus will then be the square root of 25+13+19 or 7.5/hour.

Formula: Game speed x (square root of (building levels + devine statues)

Example 2: So lets say you have one level 25 temple, one lvl 14 temple and one divine statue(statue counts as 5 levels) on a speed 1 world. The formula would be:

= Game speed(1) x (square root of (25 +14 +5))

= Game speed(1) x (square root of 44)

= Game speed(1) x 6.6

= 1 x 6.6

= 6.6 favor per hour