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THE RULES :supermad::

Here is a multiple choice poll of the competitions we can do. You as a voter will choose 2 of them and only two of them. If someone votes for more than 2, all their votes will be discounted.

The leader in the poll will be the gold prized competition and the second place will be the non gold prized competition (if the nature of the competition does not allow gold, the next leading choice will become the gold prize). In case of a tie, I will decided which comp gets which prize.

A competition cannot win 2 months in a row. It will not be listed.

The current competitions possible are:

PnP: Users write and submit a PnP, user's vote on which is the best, prizes given to winners.

Newspaper: Similar to PnP, but with users submitting Newspapers instead.

Pixel Comp: I post a pixelated image of something in game or grepolis related. First user to guess correctly gets a point. Most points at end of comp phase wins. Prizes.

Bounty Hunter: Users are given tasks to compete such as killing a specific number of specific units. Users that compete the bounty get points. Most points wins.

Battleships (tentative): Explained here-

The Great Tournament of Sinope (tentative):
Credit to Sapphire Sorrows (with some edits by me):

So, to compete in this tournament you and at least 2 others from your alliance will have to sign up together, and work together to prove that your alliance is the best!

Note: Teams must have at least three members in them to participate. It is fine to bring new members to the forum to participate in the tournament.

Round one: Count to 50. Two teams will be randomly selected to compete in a Count to 50 game. One team counts up, the other down. First to reach (-)50 or have the best score by time end wins that round. Loser is eliminated.

Round two: King Of The Hill. The object of this game is to ‘own’ the hill, and to claim it with a post. Only posts with “My Hill” at the end of them count. Try to be as creative as possible, the more extravagant the better! The winning alliance from this game will be the one whose member makes the last post before the thread is closed. Loser is eliminated.

Round 3: Mini Bounty Hunter. Each team will engage in a bounty hunt. Every 50 FS killed on attack results in 1 point. No attacking alliance members (or members that were part of the alliance since competition start). Team with most points wins tournament.

This competition may be too extravagant. We'll give it one go, see how it works, and determine if this can be a regular option.

Vote rigging is prohibited.
Poll closes on 2/9/15 GMT +1

Give it your best, guys!
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Probably too late, have already cast my vote. But anyway, can we submit an already made PnP/Newspaper for the competition if it wins?


Looks like we'll be having a PnP and Newspaper comp! PnP for gold, Newspaper for something else.