Guide First City (Balanced CS) Progression Guide.


First City (Balanced CS) Progression Guide for Beginners.

I am writing this guide based on the fact that I think that it is more informal, and a better strategic guide than the others. It is a better way to do it, and I would like to share this strategy with the commons. As a brief introduction, this guide goes from following the quests too, up to a 2,000 point city with usable units for defense, and farming to a 4,000 point city with CS, and Conquest researched, and ready for the second, and the third city. It then goes on to let you know to delete everything unessential and to build up a few buildings to max production, minus too many farm spaces.

Tips to remember:

Tip #1: FOLLOW THE QUESTS. The early quests take very little time and lead you down an easy path to beyond 1000 points. If you have extra resources and room in your Senate queue, consider upgrading your Senate as it'll speed up later phases. Academy is another area to consider going ahead of the quests.

Tip #2: Attack the Bandits camp till you get enough BP to buy 4 farms. These can all be done in just a few hours when following the quests, and just attacking the Bandits Camp whenever you can. The first four do not cost that much, the 5th one requires 50 BP, and typically takes a bit longer to get, the 6th one is best saved for later.

Tip #3: Pick a deity (Hera and Athena are good choices for starting out, and the Quest currently prefers Hera). There are little cost and a lot of benefits.

Tip #4: Use Daily Quests where practical. Early some quests are overly ambitious and you should ignore them, but at least take a look. Quests that give you offensive troops are very valuable at this phase, provided you have the farm spaces. Quests, where you lose loyalty, can be trouble if you get more than one a day (because at this point they are all in the same city), and ones, where you have to provoke an attack, are rarely worth it (though they are good for some early BP if you have the right units).


This is where I think you should all be after being in a world after no more than a week or two (world speed 1). It corresponds to a 2000+ point city.

Early Building Priorities:

Senate to level 15 (prerequisite for many things and speeds all building)

Farm 25 (if you got Land Expansion, you can do this a little more slowly)

Academy 13

Warehouse 13 (permits you to store more resources)

Cave 5

Barracks 10

Harbor 5

Temple 5 (for Harpies if worshiping Hera)

Market 10 (so you can help others off island)

Wood/Stone/Silver 25

Wall 10

Put tripwires in all allied cities on your island (typically one sword or divine envoy)

Early Tech Priorities (in typical research order, not necessarily long-term importance):

Slingers (needed for quest and conquering the 2nd and 7th villages)

Villager's Loyalty



Booty (greatly improves your ability to farm the farming villages)

Ceramics (makes a large boost to your warehouse capacity)

City Guard (gives you 50% more Militia on defense, good if you get hit a lot)





Maybe get/ Maybe not:


Crane (both of these would speed up building production, I like to get them and then delete them after I have built all of my building, remember though each technology you delete removes a culture point from your cultural level progress)

Not Recommended Techs:



150 swords 150 slingers 100 archers 150 hoplites 40 horsemen and 10 transport boats

Also, you wanna start building up your biremes to around, or at least 50.

With these units, you want to send them to your alliance and pact members in need.

4000+ city:

This step should take you through 4000+ points and have you in good shape for getting your next


Senate 15 (prereq for nothing but speeds up building)

Farm 35 (to accommodate your troops)

Academy 22 and on to 30

Warehouse 22 and then add more as you need

Cave 10

Barracks 10 (horses)

Harbor 20 (for Colony Ship)

Wood/Stone/Silver > 25-40 depending on how much you farm

Wall 25


Adjust units sizes to following amounts of units:

1 Off and 2 Def. then add 1 to either depending on what is needed the most

Offensive units:

144 farm space off either hoplites or horsemen or whatever land units you want

9 Fast Transports and 20 Light Ships

With offensive units you should just combine them all into one big unit I'm just doing this to unit thing to teach as it gives you an idea of how you don't need to send all units at once, yet you still can, and with offensive units it's best to but with defensive units its a good idea to split them up sometimes.

Defensive Units:

36 swords 36 archers 72 hoplites

9 Fast Transports and 25 Biremes

Now what you should do is use these units as support units for yourself and your alliance, send one
to each person in need until your out.

Buildings not needing advancement at this time:

Marketplace (10)

Temple (5; sufficient if you worship Hera, others may want to increase it)

New Techs:





fast transports

colony ship



Battering Ram



Not Recommended Techs:

Anything I did not put unless you wanna swap LS, and Biremes for Triremes, then I guess that's fine,

but your gonna have to waste culture points to reset the two to get the one.


Buy the 5th and 6th farms upgrading them to a decent level.

Extra Buildings:

You should now build up your Senate to 24, and your Farm to 40, and then build the Baths on the Left-hand side (you can build only 1 from each side in each city). then nothing on the right side for the farm space or tower for the defensive bonus, or if you are in a really safe area you could build the merchant shop, or something else.


After that you can now just make sure to max out the Farm, Warehouse, and Academy; then upgrade your Temple to say 22 or whatever to gain favor for Myth nukes later on.


Get experience mostly for now until you end up with Myth units or something, and maybe Strong wine to speed up the culture process.o_O


You should now demolish anything that is not needed to gain more farm space, such as the Senate. You can knock it down to whatever you want, most people say around 15, or so. Build your resource buildings to accommodate your unit production: one 40, one 30, and one 20. Don't forget about the +/- your island has for production either.:eek:
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submit this as a guide for the wiki competition. you can get like 2.5 k gold for first place


Just updated guide to match the new farming way, I hope I made no mistakes. Enjoy!