Newspaper First Edition: Overview


Thebes Alliance Overview

Current Alliance's Overall Battle Points

#1. Lacking Sanity: A mighty alliance, approximately 80% of their BP is ABP, they have been tearing their own ocean apart and now invading Ocean 54. They absorbed Butter's best players, and are still tearing anyone that stands in their way. SAILING FAST!

#2. Depraved Tendencies : In the beginning it was extremely aggressive, but after destroying some alliances have been significantly slowed down. Now, however, seems to be effectively ravaging war throughout the oceans. Swim

#3. League of Doom: Recently destroyed DreadFleet and defeated Roooagh Ur Roo later, absorbed some of their active player and now seem to be an unstoppable force! Gained a significant rise of ABP recently as well. Swim

#4. Ruthless Angels: Those angels are being fought by demons, however they have been attacked so hard recently, that it got them to become the #1 defending alliance. It's swimming, but the tide is very strong.

#5. Syndicate of Destruction: Most of their BP contains of Attacking battle points, however 1/3 of their overall BP is defense BP, which still shows that this alliance have been managing to defend well, and yet attack even better. Swim for now..

#6. HaVoC: This alliance is a pure aggressive alliance, almost all of their BP is ABP, very aggressive, and seems to be dominating their ocean O53 eliminating all 'competition'. Swim

#7. BOOM: This alliance had a promising start, however, have been struck in some sort of attrition. Despite being located in the core O55 and partially O45, their ABP gains have been slowed down, for some reason. Sinking slowly

#8. Phoenixx: Phoenixx started averagely, but overall does not show much promise, they share O54 yet aren't really fighting or doing anything.. Not sure what the hell they are doing, they are just sitting down defending I assume, they have not a slightest worth of ABP, all what they really have is a huge lot of DBP. Sim, eerr, I mean sink.

#9. Response Error: This alliance's name is annoying, it reminds me of internet grepo lags. It does seem to have some average ABP, and ABP gains, and that is what their total BP is composed off. However, it does appear to be slowed down in progress and their DBP is almost nothing. Who knows? Maybe if they actually fight a real war they might rise up a bit. For now though, swimming against the tide.

#10. The Brotherhood: This alliance surprises me, the name is very unoriginal and it appears to have branches in all other worlds, just like McDonalds in real life, lol. However, they seem to be doing very well recently and most of their BP is ABP, which shows a good indicator of growth. This alliance is swimming fast for a rim alliance.

#11. A-Team: Really A-Team? I haven't checked the BP ranking list recently, but it makes me question what are you guys really doing? You guys should be at least in the top 5! Sinking for now.

#12. The Wookies: :D My old alliance :cool: Surprisingly it has been gone for a week (or more), yet it still remains on the top 12 chart in BP, impressive nonetheless, for a dead alliance. Just shows how other alliances have been under-performing!

Time for some Interviews

Our first Interview: The Big bad from Lacking Sanity

1. Your alliance is currently at the top at the moment in this world, dominating O44 and gained a foothold in O54 ranked 3rd there. Do you view other alliances in this region (54) as a threat or more like easy BP? Who are you fighting, and how is the war going, tell us everything!

Without AmmonJerro destroying every potential enemy i would say any alliance with the conviction to fight is a potential theat. Currently we are just doing a bit of cleanup on some smaller alliances that have survived, and cleaning out a small BOOM cluster in the north. No real wars at the moment. also turtleacus > the entire pheonixx alliance.

2. Do you intend on pact-ing with other alliances? Or is it Lacking Sanity was hasn't found someone matching their insanity? Do you think any alliance is worthy to have a pact with your alliance?

Ive been trying to pact every alliance on the server actually. apparently we are somewhat hard to get along with :(

3. Since Butter collapsed and Lacking Sanity absorbed their best players, does your alliance still intend on conquering the rest of O54 and continue expanding east? Or will it be changing directions?

Our direction will always be straight ahead at who we consider our biggest threat, whichever ocean that may carry us to.

4. Do you consider any alliance as a threat to Lacking Sanity at the moment?

Im confident in anyone we could go against. but with the 35 member cap in this world threats seem to emerge or disappear in just days, so there is no telling.

5. This is a fast paced world, where do you see your alliance in a month from now?

I would like to think we will be enjoying a good back and forth dog fight by that time.

Our Second Interview: Star Legend- leader of League of Doom

1. Your alliance shares an ocean (45) with A-Team and Family United while the eastern border seems to be controlled by Depraved Tendencies. Who are your alliance allied with, and what alliances are you currently fighting?

Well externals has already announced that we are pacted with A Team, who am I to say what true or false on the External forums

2. Your alliance have managed to topple former Dreadfleet and Rooaaagh Ur Roo as well, what can you comment about that? How did you make this possible?

Same way any other alliance would, conquer cities. People really don't like that.

3. Seemingly, ocean 45 will be empty soon on targets, where do you plan expanding next? Will you still maintain the relationship with A-Team and strike together elsewhere? Or will it be a domination scenario where both of you fight one another for dominating this ocean? Tell us what your alliance plans to do next?

Conquer more cities :)

4. Where do you think your alliance will be in the next month in Thebes?

We will be with more cities and more BP.

Third Interview: Xwing Pilot from A-Team

1. Your alliance's techniques and strategies have been remotely questioned by most alliances in this server, can you clarify what your current strategy is? Do you think you have proved the rest of the alliances wrong where A-Team is still standing strong?

It's funny to hear this so often because the majority of our players came from US servers where many of these strategies are common knowledge. Currently, we are doing the same as every other alliance is or should be. Building a solid core to push out from with our minds always geared towards end game. As for the players casting doubt, that is always expected in a game like this. There are those who use their words to fight, and there are those that use their actions. In this round, our actions have beaten their words.

2. Your alliance has been known to be working with League of Doom and have been maintaining a close alliance with them. Do you intend on keeping the alliance and fighting together against other alliances, or do you plan on expanding elsewhere where each alliance will have their separate paths?

We got lucky to start so close to an alliance we were comfortable working with. LoD has a great roster, and I have no doubt that they can hold their own just as well as we can. I'm sorry though, I cannot discuss what plans the two of us have for the future. But, I can assure you, we will be working together for a very long time.

3. There are many alliances surrounding ocean 45 that may be considered as a threat to A-Team, such Lacking Sanity in the North, Depraved Tendencies to the east, and the alliance coming from the rim SoulReapers. Do you consider any of them a threat to A-Team? If you were to fight one of them, who would it be?

Not to take anything away from the alliances you mentioned, but there is always another enemy next door. It doesn't matter who it is, what server they came from, who they've defeated, etc. What really matters is whether or not we can identify each alliances strengths and weaknesses, and adapt accordingly.

4. Soon, ocean 45 will be dried up and left with no cities, do you intend on expanding elsewhere?

Wouldn't work out too well if the whole world knew where we were going, but yes, we plan on continuing our growth where ever we decide is a suitable area for core expansion.

5. A-Team so far has been standing solidly despite how others often misinterpreted the alliance, where do you see A-Team standing in the a month from now?

In a month from now, A Team will be right where it is now, as a potential contender for the crown.

Our Fourth Interviw: A person from Ruthless Angels who doesn't want to share his name :)

1. Your alliance, Ruthless Angels, have been fighting against the mighty Depraved Tendencies along with BOOM, how are you holding up so far? Have you managed to score several victories in your battles? Or have the odds been turned against you? Tell us how the war is going!

As you know already we are in war with DT and their satelites BOOM and Meledication, Their strongest playerThe Lucky Man was in our alliance and he batreyad us yeah they are a bit stronger than us but we are holding and not only holding but aggresivly attacking and conquering cities from their satelites BOOM and Meledication..

2. Apparently, Depraved Tendencies have been declared against by Controlled Burn, and just recently some cities from DT has been taken by League of Doom, is your alliance involved in these sudden diplomatic movements? Or was it just pure luck that those alliances are interfering?

This is just a same enemy story :)

3. Do you think you have a possibility of winning this war? If so, how do you think your alliance will be standing in the next month or so?

Before war and in war you cant feel like you are winner or looser thats why is called WAR , everything might happens , maybe we will loose maybe win maybe draw :) but one is sure you cant predict the future :)

Our fifth Interview: Spr2The-Rear from Response Error

1. So then, you have been previously allied with Butter, fought against perrin's China quality pan and managed to destroy it. What do you think about the sudden melting of Butter after Lacking Sanity declared war and began it's eastern campaign?

Butter rolled right over The Pan. And then Butter fell quick when LS went for them.

2. Lacking Sanity is invading O54, and have managed to take some cities in this ocean and acquired a fairly large amount of talented fighters. How do you think you will hold up in this fight? Do you think you have a chance to survive? Is there any other alliance who will be helping you in this war?

If LS (Lacking Sanity) is planning to attack us (wouldn't be surprised if they do eventually) then it's news to me. We have many skilled players but LS out numbers us badly. However, in a worst case scenario I tend to believe that we could find alliances to help us put up a fight. After all there becomes a point that you're so big and scary that everyone else has to gang up on you or it's a given that you will win the world. I think right now LS is the alliance to beat.

3. Where do you see your alliance a month from now?

A month from now I hope our alliance is bigger, stronger, and better than it is now. Past that, I have no clue where it will be. RL (Real Life) happens and our best players could up and leave. Or we could find ourselves in the middle of a massive war, hard telling in this game.

Our Sixth Interview: DeathWishX13 from DEPRAVED TENDENCIES.

1. You currently dominate O55, yet you share it with BOOM, and fighting together against Ruthless Angels. However your alliance is also spread out into O45 controlling it's eastern borders, and just recently, GothamSoldier pulled the trigger by declaring war at you. What do you plan to do next? Do you think you will be able to defeat all opposition? Which do you consider the biggest threat to Depraved Tendencies?

We by no means "dominate" O55, we simply hold top points in the ocean. When we started this world, we had 2 cores along the 45/55 border, and until recently we hadn't clashed with any alliances in 45. Seems as though they want a piece of the pie also :) Gothom seems to have started a coalition against us, so there isn't one specific alliance I would point as the biggest threat, but the multitude of them all at once that will be the biggest threat.

2. Assuming you defeat Ruthless Angels soon, what do you intend on moving next? Will you remain at O55 or do you plan on expanding in the nearby future?

We take it one step at a time, fight who's in front of us and go from there ~

3. Your alliance had a great start, but it seems that it has been slowed down in terms of progress, why is this happening?

A lack of serious competitors until just recently, now that some fights are going on that can actually be considered a war, we'll see if we pick it up or not.

4. Where do you see your alliance a month from now?

Same place we are now, number 2 ranked across the boards, maybe 1 in DBP. Lacking Sanity will be tough to top in rankings but we'll steady mob at number two.

Our Seventh Interview: GothamSoldier from Controlled Burn

1. Your alliance is considered very small, what is your current plan for the alliance, do you have intentions on getting more players to join? Or will you remain as a tight small group of players?

The current plan is to keep growing and fighting. We tend to selectively add players who prove themselves to us in one manner or another. Thats why we have plenty of slots available. You never know when you may find a very good player someplace. We also believe a server is a marathon, not a sprint. CB played on World Beta for 2.5 years.

2. You have recently declared against Depraved Tendencies, why? Who is going to help you in this war? Do you think you will be able to win against them despite being outnumbered?

There are several alliances fighting DT right now. So we are not lone wolves here, although I believe we were the only ones to declare openly in a public forum.

DT has some truly fantastic players and DW is a good leader. We will certainly give them the best fight we can. We just ran out of room to grow and the fight was really becoming inevitable due to city proximity, so we chose to do it on our terms. As to whether or not we win, that depends on many variables.

3. As your alliance is currently small, have you been working with other alliances or maintained an independent stance?

As you can see, our ally F.U.N. merged into us. Together we think we can form a pretty good team. Independence and the desire to control our own destiny are paramount for us.

4. Where do you think Controlled Burn will be in a month from now?

Good question. Either in O55 rebuilding from heavy fighting or someplace at the rim filling up many, many city slots. Only time will answer that question. But we will continue to fight because this is a great game on a terrific server.

Star of The Month Award goes to: STARLEGEND!

1. You, of all the top players in this world have managed to score 35 conquests, 23 of them being gains and the rest being donations for your alliance members. Why is it that you do so? Are you out of slots? Or is it a strategy you're currently using to expand your alliance further?

One man is not an alliance, I conquer to remove targets. Doesn't matter if I need or want the city.

2. You are one of the very few fighter leaders that exist in Grepolis, who managed to remain at top and yet effectively lead the alliance. How do you manage?

I think you can refer back to question one, "One man is not an alliance". We have made very simple rules for the alliance to follow. Only 3 in fact. The alliance runs itself, I would think any good alliance does. So I see no reason to spend my time micro-managing, instead I concentrate on what I do best to help the alliance.

3. Out of all the other top players, do you have any that you consider as a rival or a friend? Or you don't take being in the top as a competition?

Everything is a competition, just to me being in the top 10. Isn't what I compete for.

Guest of this Newspaper: Jorisva1 Your Favorite Mod.

1. Looking at the alliances of Thebes, what alliance do you favor the most and why?

Well, as I am the forum moderator of this world I am not allowed the play the world. So I don’t really know what alliance stands out, and I don’t really know how they are doing. So I have to base my opinion on the comments given in the forum. And when I do that, I think that Lacking Sanity would have my preference. They seem like a very aggressive group of fighters, which I like, who is not afraid of losing a few battles.
They don’t care (not sure about that though) about diplomacy, and just get after everyone they can hit.
They certainly have an attitude that I like.

2. The world is certainly developing nicely, however, the forums have not been very active recently compared to what it used to be in the previous month. What are your thoughts about it?

Yes, you are right. The forum activity of Thebes has decreased quite a lot in the last week. This is the result (I think) of my ‘lowered tolerance’ and some forum users being removed from the forum. I also think that the leaving of some main players (like Ammonjerro) plays a great role in that activity.
I hope this will change again in the following weeks, and that the forum will become just as active as in the beginning! But of course, the forum is as how the users make it.

3. From all the PNP's created so far, which has been your favorite?

I don’t really have a favorite PnP. I enjoyed reading all of them, and most of them deserved my reps. But as I don’t play the world it is very hard for me to know the ‘background story’ behind the PnP, on which the PnP was based. So I love all the PnP’s just as much.

4. Do you think this world will survive? Moreover, do you think the forums will survive too?

I am very sure the world will survive, it has great settings, awesome players, …. So yes, the world will survive.
Concerning the forum, I don’t know. The Thebes forum certainly has the ‘potential’ of staying active, but the activity of the forum all depends on the users. There’s nothing I can do about. I certainly hope it will stay active, but again…I don’t know.
If the users stay like they are now (following rules,…) I will become more tolerant in the following days..and perhaps this has as result that the forum will get more active again. The forum is how the users make it (I know, I know…I already said that a hundred times…)

Humor Section:​

I bet many of you are on this boat

What many awesome leaders have shown recently when going to war (no offense intended on a specific person!)

Yes, this is you. This sums up most of us here.

Editor's Message:

Okay then, so this is my first newspaper attempt, I know that it might not be that great, but this is my first attempt so go easy on me, and I'm also a noob in forum posts. Yep, I enjoyed making these, however I was supposed to interview the top 12, many gave me a hard time. All the people interviewed here, were nice enough to respond quickly, the rest who aren't included in the newspaper didn't bother, claimed they were busy, and some other random excuses. So thank you, for everyone who participated in this newspaper. Special thanks to Druvi for teaching me how to post pics, lol, that guy is awesome!


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Thank you, did you enjoy it? It had so much content, as I had no idea where to start with this newspaper in terms of theme. So I made an overview, and I'm almost sure some person will come next complain about it's length, lol.


It had plenty of content, and was easy on my eyes. Dang good job man.
You better make another one. :p


I'm glad many of you have been enjoying it so far. Whether it will continue or not, will depend on the feedback I receive :D

So far it's a yes!


Good job dude. Big suggestion for the interviews though, if you constantly ask questions about what an alliances "plans" are you're always gonna get the runaround, as pretty much every alliance leader gave you any time you mentioned the future. For more dynamic interviews you can ask about specific battles that have already happened (for instance if you notice via grepostats that they ran an op and took 3 cities off the same player in a 1 hr time span) you will get more interesting answers and they'll be a lot more likely to go into detail.


Good job, sorry about my no show as a field reporter and the weather man, I was really busy and my material was kinda lame anyway=)))

Want to add that standings have changed. DT is now ranked 4th, A team is 2nd and LOD is 3rd.

LOD is pacted with A team and Family United. They are actively trying to conquer DT cities, but our secrete weapon The Mogul is not to be taken lightly.


Good job dude. Big suggestion for the interviews though, if you constantly ask questions about what an alliances "plans" are you're always gonna get the runaround, as pretty much every alliance leader gave you any time you mentioned the future. For more dynamic interviews you can ask about specific battles that have already happened (for instance if you notice via grepostats that they ran an op and took 3 cities off the same player in a 1 hr time span) you will get more interesting answers and they'll be a lot more likely to go into detail.
Yes, this will be done in my future interviews. I couldn't ask they very specific questions like that, as the theme of this newspaper is an overview. I plan on making next newspaper specific to certain events, like for example the war on DT, and stuff like that.

Thanks Daveio, glad you enjoyed it.

Haha it's alright Tyrone, I figured you were busy as much, so didn't intend on bothering, but hey perhaps next time? I'm thinking about doing one specific to the wars against DT, which has been the forum sensation a couple of days ago :)

Ahhh tyrone.. This isn't Points ranking stats, it's all about BP :)
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ow, my bad. Girls keep texting me naughty pics, so I can't concentrate.


Absolutely excellent, top effort. As well as to the interviewees who were good enough to respond.

As Jorisva mentions though, this forum is what we make of it. Now the trolls have stopped spamming and gone back to their caves, maybe quality posts like this will ultimately win the day. Keep it up!


Very nice read, waiting for another.. ENCORE!
+ rep :)
EDIT: have to spread love :(


An absolutely awesome paper, i kinda feel you could make the top 12 review a little bit better, but thats ok :)



I appreciate all your responses and I thank you for giving such positive feedback :)

So Arzaac, what was flawed with the top 12?

Digital Mystikz

Very nice unbiased newspaper, with loads of information keeping us up to date of what's happening in other parts of the world. +rep to you and looking forward to your next one mate