First war?


Zika, sorry for not answering quickly.
I kinda forgot about our drama logs here.
To me you're simply just not important enough to remember hahaha

So, you want to go one-on-one?

Here's the thing:

1- I don't trust you will not ask for support once you see my CS coming towards you (will take 28 hours btw).
2- Once we are closer I'll be pleased to accept your one-on-one challenge.

Why don't you declare war on our alliance? Just do it, your 4 Black Templars alliances against ours. Honour and Power.
We're giving you the advantage of 4 alliances against one, and even then, your alliances won't come close to beating ours.

I'm not a leader in HaP, however, I know that your alliances are so utterly non-threatening that a declaration of war from you will o nly make us laugh.

So go on, do it!

Come at us bro start with my city and see where it gets ya. I have the least points in HaP so you might have a chance, but remember points aint everything. Lets see how your 170 members react. I expect maybe 10 responses but half of those will be along the lines of. 'Ill might send some attacks but Im too busy building my city so I get lots of points and look good! Points are amazing and BP are rubbish that's why I don't have any and my army is made of 10 slingers!