Fix Mhy Text?


Could I get some nice little fixer GFX'ers for my 'need-to-be-updated' sigs. :D :)


For thus one please take off the "Sanctuary" and the "Zancle EN83". Feel free to change the font if you don't want to bother to find the exact font. ;)

OPTIONAL: Add EN85 Bhyrtos to replace Zancle EN83... Whatever you think is best.


For this one please take off the EN82 Taras, and same as above, feel free to change font.

OPTIONAL: Add EN85 Bhyrtos to replace EN82 Taras... Whatever you think is best.

Please help fix my enterouage of Signatures clean and looking good! ;)
Please send fixed sigs in PM or reply here. You will be featured down below and given 10 gold (per sig fixed) for your troubles. WARNING: I want good fixes, not some GFX noob looking for the gold. ONLY 1 SIG WILL BE CHOSEN FOR THE 10 GOLD REWARD!!! Thanks.


Don't want your gold, nor do I know how active you are as your profile says, Last Activity: 08.08.15 - 19:09. However I figured I would take the few minutes and mess around a bit. So here you go.

I have not added any text to these images as I figured you may want them in this state so you can have them altered at a later point in time.



Edit: Noticed your rotating sig... who the heck did this for you?
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