Fluv's Recruiting Tool Guide


Back from retirement with another guide nobody asked for!
Well some people did but they have since stopped playing. Stumbled across this .txt while cleaning up a bit in my files so figured I would post it
As always, any questions feel free to ask!

With the recruiting tool you can easily queue troops in all your cities.
This is especially useful later on when you don't really feel like cycling through 100+ of the buggers. Combined with the culture overview and cave overview this can make your life way easier

Yes I forgot to add my anchors in the values, sue me. Fixed it now but cba to take another screenshot

1. City Group
This is where you select your city group you want to recruit in. Values are saved per city group, meaning that if you make a city group with only LS cities you can set it up to queue LS with this tool.

2. The values itself
In here you note down the total amount of troops you want in the cities in the currently selected city groups (Not the amount you want to build right now, your target)
You can fill in values in numbers, or use MAX which will make it so the city queues these until it runs out of population. This is especially useful for one type cities like LS or bir nukes

3. The keep values
In here you can decide how much resources and population you want to have left after you use the tool (Please add favour to this Inno)
Useful if you want to save the population in case you need to build a CS, build more buildings or want to run festivals

All of the above values get saved to the city groups, meaning this is a one time set up.
After you've done that you can queue troops in all your cities in a group in just 2 clicks after opening the tool

4. Add troops
Once you click this button, the tool will add the highest possible amount of troops to the fields in the lower part of the screen. Interestingly it will try to use all the resources evenly meaning it's more effective than doing it manually as I usually find myself queuing just 200+ archers and having a ton of stone, instead of evenly spreading with hops/chariots

5. Recruit
This really just does what it says, it starts the recruitment for all the units in the fields

Some notes:
  • The tool allows for using pop growth and call of the ocean from within it, you can use this to speed up the cities you want built fastest. Though as you get to a higher city count I would suggest you do those manually and fill your entire queue by trading resources to those cities you want rebuilt faster. Much more efficient.
  • If you do this for myth cities, it will build them in the first possible city in your city group. For example, if you have 3 harpy cities A, B and C and have 425 favour, it will first attempt to queue 5 in A. If A only has resources for 3, it will then queue the other 2 in B.
    • Side note to this is that if you use the dropdown menu next to city group you can sort them by other things as well. And the button next to that reverses the order. Useful if you want to first fill up your biggest nuke, just sort by lowest population space.
  • This setup works best with using the exact same city build for all cities of one type IMO. As you see in the screenshot I have 165 bir down instead of MAX, which I used to do. Because of the way I build my cities that is the max amount of bir I can have while having the amount of DLU I want. If you put in MAX for bir, it could use some pop space you need for your DLU to build bir, resulting in empty transports

Some bugs:
  • Recruiting tool didn't use to take cost reducing spells like nereids or heroes like Chiron into consideration, I think the hero part was fixed, not sure about the spells. It wouldn't use more resources but you'd be left over with about 30% of your res
  • If you have units in queue it will sometimes queue more than your target due to the city not recognizing a unit is finished until you open an attack/troopcount window. For example if you queue the last 20 FTS you need and 1 hour later you use the tool it might queue some FTS
  • Sometimes it gives an error for no apparent reason and closing and reopening the tool fixes it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯