For Beasty :)


After many months in hiding King Beast re-appeared from his hiding place

He was informed from the donkey supreme leader that the war was still ongoing..

And so King Beast the ever loyal servant..

got together with their chief tactical officer..

And they formulated a plan

They would work long hours..

So that they could afford to pay for passage across the ocean.
They arrived early but were not impressed...

After their long journey they finally reached fusion shores.They had grown fat and lazy in that time..

As they peered over Fusion walls..

They realised that something was they donned their thinking caps..

And regrouped..

They called for help and it arrived eventually..

They put on their armour and headed into battle...


Fusion's superior training...

Brought a quick end to the donkey uprising where a few were made examples of..

But most were slain...

A few survivors escaped but changed their identity...

But we know who you are


Is there a very well hidden donkey innuendo in this PnP? :) Besides that, did they really throw molotovs at your riot shield? :O

King Beast

Well done Jenkins some nice work, You beat me too it, :p

But I can tell you all the story doesn't end here there is more to come.

Watch this space.
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That is the best PnP i have seen since BlueJays.

RDLMs was awesome to but i dunno the comical value of this one!



Very funny, Jenkins, well done. Its great to see some guys will take a little trouble to brighten up the forum. + rep for you.

craig walker

lol, thats very funny! well done! Jenkins:) but your still not very good at attacking! I ran rings round you and your kind for a long time before reality called and i had to leave. count yourself lucky I'm not still there;)
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It can be arranged to have you back Craig. And quite close to Jenkins, even.
Of course the expenses of such arrangements will be donated by Fusion on the condition you join The Snowgirls.

We are giving Jenkins a Whip as christmas gift, but we are still looking for something/someone he can use it on.


craig walker

Hahaha, giving me a fusion account, I suppose I could take it and teach you'se a lesson;) I would need a weeks grace before any fighting..
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