Forgotten Ghosts


Forgotten Ghosts

We are an alliance built upon a single guiding principle: Quality beats quantity every time. The Spartans of ancient Greece taught this painful lesson to the Persian Army, and the Forgotten Ghosts intend to teach this lesson to any alliance of the Juktas world who wishes to learn it. Our profession is that of the Warrior. We follow a chain of command, and we are a highly structured alliance. First and foremost, we do not recruit, and we don’t take individuals.

"We take team players who are willing to make a commitment to the alliance.
You will come to us as raw metal, and we will forge you into a weapon."


Our purpose in this world is to become the top alliance. We fear no alliance, and if provoked will retaliate. We are an offensive based alliance and we all fight because: "The best Defense is a good Offense."


In order to be considered by the Ghosts, you MUST meet the following criteria:

1.) Must have at least an equal point rating to our alliance’s current average points.
2.) Be able to use Skype for in-game communication. (MUST use for leadership)
3.) Comply with all Alliance requirements for activity, and participation.
4.) Respect and utilize the Chain of Command.
5.) Conduct yourself in a professional manner that is in keeping with our standards.

In addition during the application process, must answer the following:

1.) What are your reasons for leaving your current alliance? (if applicable)
2.) What are your immediate and long term goals?
3.) What is your perception of Forgotten Ghosts?
4.) What can you offer our alliance?
5.) What is your experience level? (Previous Grepolis experience isn’t required, but highly desired.)

For those who meet our requirements, and are looking for a professional, well-organized, and tightly-knit alliance, send an in-game message to:


*NOTE* Currently membership is restricted to Ocean 44.
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This is a very nice recruitment thread, i'm not looking for a alliance but I can appreciate the time and effort it took you to make sure this is nice and organized.. (personal opinion) you should be looking at ABP also as a requirement


Thanks for the kudos!

We are absolutely looking at not only offensive battle points, but defensive as well. Currently, we just haven't published a metric requirement since there are many factors that go into it such as efficient use of militia, dodging, etc.

But rest assured, my leadership council heavily evaluates that number on a case by case basis.


I would like to join, but I joined pretty late... So i'm in 033 I'm pretty close to border of 044 though.


Very well put together Deus, decided to give it a friendly bump for you :D At this stage I probably fail to meet EVERY single requirement but I look forwards to migrating my way down to the action soon ;)