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Hello :) would be great if you would make me sig, really want something new, new work :)

Type: signature
Theme: you choose
Text: Venomous D
Font: whatever you think is the best
Specific Images to use: nah just use something yoou think its good, something cool to go with my name


I love all these orders. Thanks for ordering :D
Will do these when I have time. (hopefully soon :D)


Type: Siggy w/ matching avatar
Specified Image to use: Dragon-dragons-22796651-960-854.jpg
Theme: Dragon
Size: Max
Text: The XII Labors
Font: Be creative!
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Hello there! I'd like a new sig to go with my new IGN
Type: Signature
Theme: Game of Thrones themed
Text: Matt Targaryen
Specific Images to use:
it doesn't have to be that image exactly, just incorporate the three headed dragon because it's the sigil of house targaryen


hi can I be put on the waiting list with this idea:

Type: signature
Theme: Gold
Text: being nice is okay, gold is better
Text2: N/A
Font: whatever you think makes most sense
Specific Images to use: gold or money on the picture
Other: N/A

here you go


swampy <3 ;)
need a banner for my new paper...
siggy max size would do,

Theme:something to do with echoes...
Text 1(bigger text):Olynthus Echo
Text 2(small text):News that Echoes...

do one without the 2nd text and 1 with it if you could please,wanna know which looks better


Please hold on ordering here for a bit..I have huge back ups in both my shops and am trying to find time to make them. I am currently leading in us.Juktas and dealing with WWs in us.zeta


No probs mate - I know what it's like to be a leader. So I can wait lol


That's really good, thanks! Gotta spread the love first though, sorry


Hey I am looking for a new sig and CoA. I am from the us server and I saw a guys sig that I really liked. He said he got it from someone on this server so I decided to come over and see if I could get one... I am pretty active on the us servers so I hope yu will make one.

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That is the sig I really liked!

I want something very similar! I want someone laying down shooting with my name (Pvt. Part) written on the barrel. I want it max size possible.

As for the CoA I want something very similar to the siggy that kind of matches. I want some kind of shooter (possibly futuristic soldier or just a cool pic of a soldier). I also want my name written somewhere on this too. But obviously I want it to match the 240x180 format if possible.
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I was thinking something like this.

Please make them for me :)

Ps:it would be really awesome if you could get flames coming out of the barrel with my name written in the flames!!!