Free Signatures and profile Pics


Hi People
I love to muck around with PS so anyone on Baris looking for a Free Signature or profile Pics just send me your Idea and lets make it happen for ya...

feed me... Ive got plenty coffee so just gimme what you want and lets see if we can't bring out the true awesomeness that you obviously are.

why you still reading this?


I'll bite . . . see what you can do with the name "Hellzfury" and a motto of: "No matter where you go . . . there you are!"

L'audace, l'audace . . . toujours l'audace!


That Looks great.Can you do the Name "Twit" or "Twitmagnet" whichever you feel looks better and then the motto " A Banana a day keeps the enemy at bay"..Something soft would be great I.E not a burning skull.
For example Our alliance pic is of hello kitty holding plush bananas and my profile is of a magnet attracting smiley faces
so that kinda tells you what im after.:)

Thanks in advance.


That is awesome.I hope your making money from your genius elsewhere my good fellow.


Hey guys, if you want your sigs to be full size and not smaller, then you need to use a link and not just use the forum's own upload thingy.

Just put the image link in
and there you go! :)