Newspaper Frontline Update

Seriko Lee

Ocean 52 is silent and players are exchanging cities so not much to say about it here
Ocean 35 had a few battles for cities with players stacking or starting large-scale offensives.
Ocean 54 is most is core to Worldwide Resistance and their academy.
All I can say is that the battlefield is mostly sims and skirmishes with various large scale and small scale battles,
When starting out, the world is quite peaceful even if a few tell you the war is going on.
So most area's are worth skimming over and doing your own thing.
The world is quite peaceful so people looking to play long-term and forge a faction like a BootCamp will find it interesting.
But mainly veterans play within the world and a few newbies so it will be hard to start out without pacting up with an MRA or big player.
All I can say is if you looking to start a fight in Achilles when you are new and start fights.
You are either brave or dumb maybe just bored from too many sims.




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The memes are how I feel about the world in general.