Fury; Rim alliance


Hey I have created an alliance out on the rim of Paros. Pretty much anyone can join as long as you will be active and willing to learn. I am experienced and willing to teach new players. Still looking for fellow players to join me in leadership as well. Will be a small close knit alliance like all of the alliances I have led.


About me: I co lead Fortress of Titans and Death Dealers on corinth where I eventually joined TA(also known as The Sindicate) we went on to win the server. I founded the alliance Play for Keeps which is currently the #2 alliance in Pella and is in good position to win the server. If you are interested in joining me an application is below, it is more a formality and to let me get to know you. I will be taking alot of people, if I dont like you I can always cut you later . If I accept you into the alliance will send you an invite link through your externals name. Hope to see some of you there.

Previous Experience:
Interest in leadership, if so have you led before?

cabz bii

you know drag makes the best fried chicken ;)

and pyth loves watching me do yoga ;)


I always choose SE for some reason lol. Did on Corinth and have ever since.