Game Is A Trash Game


I played the Psi and Athens servers, but initially played Beta. I was very satisfied that I would play out my Grepolis experience on Beta due to the fact that unlike all the 2.0 servers, it wasn't a laggy, glitchey, stuttering mess like they were. But now that Beta has been changed into a 2.0 game-type, it is now a terrible gaming experience. It used to be worlds different from the 2.0 servers. Now it's a mess.

You'd think the developers would have had enough time to have ironed out the bugs, but obviously they are not good at what they do. I knew this would happen, and all my dreams have come true.....



We are going to bring a new update in the near future that concentrates on bugs and performance. I hope you will be able to try it out. Thank you for playing our game.


Gordo, an update is MORE than needed. The new 2.0 is full of bugs.
Waiting for it again is NOT helpful. Many players, including me, are upset by the number of bugs that are out there and the fact that in 5 months we'll get an update to fix ALL doesn't quite makes it for us.
Wouldn't be more nicely if there would be a bi-weekly update with just a few bugs, just to see the things evolving?
Frankly i'm very tired of paying money for adminitrator and having a recruitment overview that has nothing to do with maths. If you don't trust me, then how about recruiting +-2000 troops? Or ls counting 9 pop slots? Or some resource presented as -7000? And so on....
These issues were reported over 5 weeks ago. We do pay money for over 5 weeks and nothing gets fixed.
Please transmit this request to dev team: PUT SOME MORE STEAM IN BUG FIXING AND SHOW US THE FIXES!!!
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