Gamma .... and why i love you so

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Once upon a time in a land of rolling green hill's there was a bored browser game player, he had had enough of PS3 and tribal wars was getting annoying.

There was a time when I even felt like doing outdoor activity :O

I then noticed an advert... come and conquer worlds it said ...... well you dont have to ask daz twice thats for sure !!!

*sign up, sign in and get it on*

I was in I had landed in O65, now i needed help so i done what im sure most new players do and headed for google, typed in GREPOLIS and then looked at results, GREPOLIS CHEATS .... no that wont work, GREPOLIS WIKI aha here we go. Unfortunatly fo me the wiki was poor back in the day (lol), so i seeked answers ingame I was invited to a few alliances but opted for a little known one called Arc NatioN (yes they had a silly name with random caps in but we have all been silly before and tried to make words look cool ;)

I found a great deal of help from my new friends and started to build my empire, slowly but surely my city got bigger and I started researching stuff (not always the right stuff) and was nearly ready to conquer, I scouted around and found me a nice city then proceeded to beat the pegasus poop out of it for the next few days, then the CS was sent, CS landed, support landed and off i went to bed happy with loosing my grepo virginity.

I continued to beat on everything around me and myself and my alliance where happy with our progress, twas then that me meet another alliance NmE :O they where bigger than us and using my newly found knowledge of all things grepo i studied their stats and realized they where kindof like honey badgers to our merecats.

And so the fight insued 10 incommings 20 incommings 30 incommings :O, I was in serious trouble so i began franticly battering the keyboard to call aid, "help me" rang out all over skype and the forums..... the help came and with the help of my alliance my citys where kept safe.

Weeks went on and NmE had a few noteable players, Klevito, Jejej and metalcore seemed to be ruthless and wanted to fight so i accepted the challange..... that lasted about a week and i realised i wanted to fight alongside these guys !!

I soon persuaded NmE to let me and my bunch of rabble into their alliance and continued to fight on only this time there where plans and ops and even pre cleared targets for people to land CS's in !!! This was it I was home :)

So its been about 2 years since then and im still here (all be it in a new account) some things have changed NmE is now fusion, some big players have left form all over the world, remember TBS and CJ but to name 2 great alliances that are no longer here.

So thank you gamma and that dwell here you (rock)
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