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Not quite correct because all the Greek worshipped all gods. There weren't certain cities who only worshipped 1 god. Ancient Greece had gods for most things and when the people wanted more of a thing, they worshipped the god for it. And when e.g. lighting struck the earth, they worshipped Zeus for forgiveness because his main element is lightning.

Yes but most of the time a city had a patron god and a temple to that god in particular i.e. Athens worshiped Athena, Sparta worshiped Ares

Alex Stott

I agree to the temple thats fine but as for abolishing the rule its a no from me.

get with it dont send myths to take cites if your defending defend select your god live with the problems it faces.

this is not required or needed nor would there be any point.

I will vote against this so will many others


necroing, much? If you had left this alone it would have been less likely not to ever get passed on :p


well this is annoying.......

the current system is fine, there are enough defence aids in this game as there is


Not necessary. There is a certain amount of coordination required to send mythical support. If you could send all types of myth units to support the same city at the same time you'd end up with cities that are a lot harder to capture. It is unbalancing to the game.

The current system is set up to limit the kinds of mythical support you can send to any one city. It requires good coordination and communication between alliance members. It also requires you to think carefully about which cities you build mythical units in. It's definitely not a good idea to be building them in every city if you want to be able to receive support.

Pegasus is by far the best supporting unit. The main strategy is to focus your myth unit building on a few cities and leave the rest open so you can spend your favor and switch to one of these gods when one of your cities is under attack. Otherwise you're stuck either sacrficing the myth units you have so you can make the switch or just relying on regular units for support.

The only thing I would consider is a warning message when you try to send myth units to a city that does not worship the same god giving you the option to cancel the order. But again, it really comes down to communication if you keep it or just allowing alliances to have it easy and not have to communicate clearly. Make sure you specify which god is being worshiped there when you post a support request. Seems pretty simple.

And seriously, the OP is ancient. Don't you guys ever shut down these development threads? I don't even understand how this made it to development in the first place.
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I think we should add two more superbuildings then

On the rght side is the Parthenon where it allows all myth support to come in (So you either get this or tower)

On the left side we add something (maybe "Fort") that increases offenive land/navy by 10% (so you either get his or thermal baths)


well yea i agree with this, especially as some spells from other gods do work.


I thinkt at if I send 1k swords and a minotaur to a city that worships hades, the minotaur should return but the rest should stay.


In actuality, the minotaur should be able to support as well. In war time, they wouldnt have freaked out and deny support just because it wasnt created by their god (especially considering all the gods in the game are allies (except hades...its a strained relationship :p))

But lets not go there


I have to disagree with this one. I like how it is, it stops people from just make cerberusus and pegasuses


I say no to this idea. Big time.

There is a skill in managing support at various levels. As a player requesting it. As a player sending it. As a leader managing it. Just one small part of that skill, is not sending the wrong myth units!

I have occassionally experienced this issue, but rarely. This is because a good player/alliance will use a system that lets everyone know what god is worshiped in a city. Therefore only a foolish mistake will prevent support from landing - thats your bad.

I believe the current system works fine. It would be horrendous if every type of myth unit could be sent to a single city - covering all the defensive types, defenders already have the advantage, they dont need anymore.

Some other points I want to address - the idea that myth units are useless, or that no one uses them so they need reviving. WRONG. I had just under 200 cities on my largest account. Within that I had around 20 myth unit nukes of various types (well 3 types mainly), distributed evenly throughout my empire. I and my alliance used them often, and to devistating (not to mention fast) effect - both for attack and defence.

I also do not consider them a waste of favour. I could click to build the max myth units in a city, send it resources for next time, log back on in 2-3 hours, and repeat the process - my favour was back at max. When you manage things correctly, myth units can be produced at a fast rate.

I suppose I would admit that as a smaller player, myth units make less sense. Not everyone is a small player though, or stays a small player ;-)


Im going to have a cup of coffee immediately after I click save. Im also wearing blue socks today. So there.
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Secondly guys. This idea would make myth stack cities possible again. Meaning that you could stack a city full of myth units making it nigh on impossible to penetrate. No I think I'll stick with the current system.
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