Greetings forumites!

Hassan al-Sabbah and I have founded Glimmer, an alliance based in the south-east, primarily based in O55. At the time of writing, we are rank 14 with the third highest average points per player in the top 30.

Our Ethos:

We believe in the - often falsely used - phrase, 'quality over quantity'. Granted the settings of this world, where MRAs supposedly flourish, this is a unique approach and not one that should be so quickly overlooked by the more mainstream of you. We realise that high amounts of members will, inevitably, lead to some amount of quality working its way in - but we will have the edge in communication, micro-management and, presumably, activity.

We will seek aggression over passive motives and will emphasise farming others. We will not accept simmers or lone wolves, but we are still happy to teach those who are not quite there, yet are active and eager to learn - we believe in potential.

Our Leadership Structure:

Currently, we only have two founders. We will, however, operate two extra circles of leadership in the future. This will be boiled down into people with leader privileges and those with internal forum privileges, the former being for extraordinary service and leadership qualities, the latter being for the trusted, reliable and generally helpful players. Neither of these positions will be granted within a player's first fortnight in the alliance.

Diplomacy Ideology:

Generally, we are not favourable of diplomacy - there are few enough alliances which will be around in a month, we prefer not to waste our time with such entities. We will typically contact you, if we are interested, but we do not intend to maintain more than a single pact at a time. Excess diplomacy is very limiting, politically and as far as growth is concerned. If you do insist on requesting diplomacy, please use a valid structure and put effort into it, also mind your etiquette, we care not for loose cannons.

Recruitment Criteria:

To be eligible for recruitment, we require the following:

- Be in the south east, O55 is preferred but we are open to players in oceans closer to the rim. We will also consider candidates on the O45/O55 and O54/O55 borders, as well as players in the core of all central oceans.
- Be active daily. This is not a huge ask.
- Be a team-player, communicate and read the forums regularly. As stated before, lone wolves will be quickly dispatched.
- Don't be a simmer. Points are pretty and all, but they have a habit of disappearing quickly without a strong force backing it.
- Have experience or be eager to learn.
- Skype is preferable.

For recruitment, please contact either Pushty or Hassan al-Sabbah in game or on these forums. If you are a Skype user, you may also contact me @ someformofnonsensecalledpushty or Hassan al-Sabbah @ hasgrepolis

If you have any queries or concerns, you may also contact us through these channels for more information.

Best Regards,