GNN (Grepolis News Network) Thermopylae Knocks Out Coalition of the Rim


I am closing this thread so I can go through and remove off topic arguments that were made.

....and reopened!
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futbol, i am not here to harass you personally
i follow this server/ forum b/c of friends playing here
i do the same for several other servers
i have friends in a variety of alliances
it may surprise you to know this includes current and former members of thermo
on each forum, i do not speak of situations or ppl i do not know, nor personal lives
(look back: not one peep from me about jim)
i only speak up when i see inconsistent data, bullying (real racism/ sexism/ nationalism, etc.), and cheating
and i will continue to do so here or other forums
put up all the propaganda you want, just don't put info in it that i can check and refute
that is the best i can offer to you