Discussion God worship


Well, mathematically it isn't, and I think that in-game also isn't, but a more experienced players will give you a better answer.


I guess it can be argued from either side, but most people will agree that having different Gods is much better, because you will get access to a wider variety of spells. Also, remember to value the advantages of mythical units to your cities geographical location when considering which God to worship. If you worship the same God, you will get more favour from that God but will still be restricted in terms of spells and units.


No its not.
Although you get more favor for each temple level dedicated to a god, you get a smaller increase for each level. Therefore it is better to have temples to all gods.

Also you can get different things from them. The spells you will need when fighting, and resource spells for the quiet times.

I would always start with hera, but then get some of each, but more of some than others.


So far Ive understood that its always best to have your favor spread out among all gods, unless you need to fast-build some mythical units, then You can divert more favor to just one god.