Gold Traders Inc aka Cuddling traders


So how is it in the gold trading business, are you guys collecting any gold?


We have Inc in our name, you had no Inc in your name :).
Nah, we have and always have had Inc in en88

In en85, en86 and en87 we were just "Gold Traders", but by en88 we were "Gold Traders Inc." having filed the relevant paperwork.

Just so people are aware, these are not "THE" gold traders, theyve just stolen the name and as such they come with no history and simply cant be trusted. Expect their resources to be second rate, probably cheap Korean knockoffs, poorly packaged and slow to arrive (thats if they even get there at all)

We will be taking steps to protect our trademark.


Just so you know valued customers..we are 'Inc' not 'inc'. Its a complete different organisation, and not only we have the best materials, at cheapest market rates..also we have very strict guidelines for secrecy of our customers, which we have seen being violated no.of times by many substandard organisations in the past.

We are discussing with our legal team, to sue some of the rumour mongers.

Our Moto- Customer is King.