Golgi Trash Talk


I created this due to the constant trash talk in the Top 12 thread. Please keep this clean and civil.


Everybody seems to have created a twin, sister brother, and the only 1 who had not 1 or was not planning to create 1 was me.

Erik once again publishing private PM's

Again, the person who shows no morals in life, showing as little morals in the game.

As clearly explained in the PM, the person you contacted was unable to return your message so there was a choice of either a) replying to you promptly from someone else, or b) not replying to you promptly and it seeming to you that you were being ignored. We chose the option of replying to you promptly and including an explanation as to why the original person was unable to deal with your reply.

I understand you can be angry when i said Musks not to take you in, i had this agreement wit Karlo, not to recruit at 54, i stay out their ocean they stay out ours, i was mistaken karlo was the main boss at my beloved Eviction Notice.

And theres nothing wrong with the message. I have a leaders role, was asked by another leader to contact you as he was tied up and a prompt response was considered preferable than making you wait maybe 12 hours for a reply, reply was fair, pointing out the fact we recruited a player in good faith, also pointing out the fact that you had conquered a city in our ocean but we were happy to let that slide.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that communication.

You can posture all you like, ooh, we recruited someone in "your" ocean, (someone who will move to "our" ocean), and yet you bear no responsibilty or offer no explanation as to why your players freely conquer cities in "our" ocean despite your so called agreement.

But thats you, always 100% pure, clean and in the right, while everyone else is wrong.

Yeh, we recruited a player in your ocean, your player took a city in our ocean, call it square, get over it, stop making a big deal of it. And publishing private communications, just makes every other alliance think "hmm, should i communicate with Erik, he will just blab it all over externals"

I simply follow the rules out of respect

No, you dont. I contacted you as a leader, you failed to show me the respect the rules dictate and published the private communication on externals. I would not dream of publishing private communication from one of your leaders on forums, because I respect that said communication is "private"

You make up the rules to suit yourself mate. just like you always have done.


Erik, you really want to blab pm's all over externals, lets look at it in detail..

"Lax has had to step out for a moment, his girlfriend is home and requires his attention. He asked me to contact you."

Clear explanation as to why the original respondant couldnt reply, and point out that he asked me to respond (making it fairly obvious i had a leadership role"

"As regards the player xx he feels he was recruited in good faith and has no reason to kick him. The player will endeavor to take cities in our territory going forward"

Clear concise explanation that he did not intend to kick the player but the player would move to our ocean

"Also wished to point out that one of your players J.n.c 1993 has taken a city in our territory today. So we can probably call it square."

concise reminder that one of your players had in fact broken your agreement earlier today, but we hadnt made an issue of it.

Nothing wrong with that message in the slightest...

Your response

"I speak with leaders not soldiers."

Failure to show me respect as a leader

"And a swap is fine- no more growth in 54 with whatever means ."

not sure what you meant by swap, but I think we made it very clear that the player in question would endeavor to move to our territory.

"We will take ourselves the Alpha cities in 54,so please not even try to justify with them being enemies to explain advances in 54."

Not sure where we ever said that we were going to attack alpha in 54, no mention of this was made, no suggestion. Pointless posturing and threats.

"Next time I won't even bother to mail."

So after our prime concern is you get a prompt reply your response is again lacking respect.

"I will keep a copy of this warning to mm all Muskets so they will know they have been warned."

I prefer the phrase "threatened"

fwiw, i would never publish PM's on a public board, and this isnt a conversation we should be having publicly, but, If you want to go publishing private messages, and making out that I messaged you in a total orgasm of disrespect and hatred, then im happy to look at it point by point and see where we went wrong.


And thats the key, you talk about respect, and then publish private mails on a public forum.
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IMO the fact that the Muskateers leadership picked Erik's biggest "boo boy" to take up the convo, shows a deliberate attempt to derail the talks.


You make up the rules to suit yourself mate. just like you always have done.

:D this honestly made me laugh, Dim you lie through your teeth, never answer any questions on your accusations then accuse others of suiting the rules to themselves :D

Dim Logic: We recruit roughly 25 cities in your core ocean, you take one city in our non core ocean, lets call it square :D

Now Dim cant even count :D

So given Dim is a leader of Muskets do we now assume, as he represents their views as leader, that all of Muskets cant be trusted? Lie through their teeth? Blatantly make stuff up and call it "true"?


So a war between No Brakes and The Musketeers is about to start :D nice


IMO the fact that the Muskateers leadership picked Erik's biggest "boo boy" to take up the convo, shows a deliberate attempt to derail the talks.

To be fair, I did say several times to Lax that I was the last person who should be contacting Erik, but he insisted Erik needed and deserved a prompt reply and nobody else was around. :D


Dim leader in muskets?
Ohh karlo can you do worse..

Oh definitely. He could have recruited Ranga :D

Ranga leading in Sinope was one of the most memorable Grepo moments ever, if that had been filmed would be a guaranteed £250 from Youve been Framed three times a year.


Oh that's right, you were in sinope, you got rimmed right? What's it like being rimmed? Never had it happen to me before.

Please tell or make up when i was a leader in sinope?


Oh that's right, you were in sinope, you got rimmed right? What's it like being rimmed? Never had it happen to me before.

Please tell or make up when i was a leader in sinope?

Actually no I wasnt. Being rimmed is when you lose all your cities

I had 2 cities, I lost one to TUS, but the founding on the other one had already completed (actually the TUS player knew when founding completed and had his CS land after that as they did for a few of our players)

So you dont mind if I call you a LIAR do you?

With my one remaining city I joined that Inferno lot, but they proved to be pretty disfunctional so I toddled off into VM

As for leadership in Sinope, youve already stated on Sinope forums that you stepped up to a leadership role at the end of the server so either you were LYING then, or you are LYING now, which is it



yes sir its me.... How you doing alpha?

Im doing well, i had name Farmerlau, mby u remember mby not, played there with Infamous like 3 months then got bored and left with stef.pap bdf1987 and so on. U were with tigerfangz i guess :)


I am in this world for the trading only, but as an observer I would like to give my congratulations to Dim and Sam.
I have been against EN strategy for long, very long, but never ever assumed such an alliance can be split and fall apart from the inside.
Good work and hopefully speed 3 worlds will be much more interesting from now on!
And just to clear it out...that is not sarcasm, I am serious.
Now keep on the good fight and don't make this world another cuddle club. I hope even ex EN guys will admit its more interesting that way.


Dummy space,where is J.N.C now?
And BTW it was in 45?
The mail of Erik to you is simply a copy paste of my mail to him( since he lacks clear English).
Pay attention to it,or you will have war.
Don't even think you can make the smarts using pretext after pretext to infringe in our waters.
Simple as that.
Jokes like that( Erik was sent from leader to leader without anyone assuming responsibility like you were talking to a child) are costly and rank and file in Musks must know with what kind if c rap they have now for leader.

As for your post Nichy- you have to blame someone else,who allowed this player in EN and for the more to influence it.
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