Goodbye all


As 2.0 is a steamy pile of..... cabbage...

I am also leaving grepolis behind, its been fun playing with you lot (mostly).

I could go the way of sparkyste, and post how amazing i am, but i dont think its really worth the effort....

Instead i would like to just say goodbye to the people that i played with and had fun with in the game (and outside (philney, u minx))

Original players of the huns, you guys were cool (sparky, u were cool back then as well, until you started using the alliance)

As for the 34 crew, you are all beasts, we easily beat anyone who came up against us once we got going, and at 1 point made an entire alliance of 100+ people look like fools against 7 people :), even when they were receiving support from other alliances.

Hope everyone has fun building their wonders, i hope the harbs build the most, as out of all the alliances around at mo, i think they are the best.

It's a shame 2.0 had to happen, i really would of enjoyed beating down DOA after all the time that they have hidden behind their allies conspiring against people...... but innogames decided it was not to be, although i think we would have won, it would of been interesting all the same.

As for Dysen - your rubbish, deal with it. <3


hahaha, truer words I could not conjure!! Take care my friend.


Best of luck to you. You certainly kept the forum interesting and the game entertaining.