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I would like to offer my services to the beautiful people on this server.


- You Tube Channel Art - new
- Signatures
- Avatars
- CoAs (240x180)
- Banners/Headers for your clan page
- Logos
- Digital image manipulation

Do not order in my shop unless you have 15+ forum posts. I don't want to waste my time on guests.

I have around 900 images, some of them you can preview by visiting my sites: This is my new site, which i am still working on. - This is my Grepo Gallery.

If you would like to order something from me , leave your order here and please provide any info that you think might be useful to me. If you have a certain image you want me to use, please provide a link or post it here.

Please specify the size you want. If you signature is higher then 120px, then it won't show up, you will have to have a spoiler and a lot of people will not see it.

Do not ask for a signature/ava in multiple shops, have some respect for crying out loud. I will ignore people like that. Also, if you see that there is an order pending, don't be trippin' if yours is not out just yet. That means you are in line and I am working.

If you like what I made you, please give me +REP. I hope to make some of you happy.

***Important: How to upload signatures***

There are 2 options in the EDIT SIGNATURE portion of your forum settings:

1st - Enter the URL to the Image on Another Website.

This option enables your signature to be displayed at 100%. Instead of providing a direct url to your sig on an image hosting site, you just copy the direct URL of the image. Most of the image hosting sites display the URL, or you can right mouse click and do SAVE IMAGE URL. Then, in the main window (the big one) you type this:

And that is it, your signature will be displayed at 100%.

2nd - Upload picture to the Grepo's server

This option will display your signature at a smaller scale, and the quality of the image will decrease. But, if you choose to use this option, do not forget to click "INSERT SIGNATURE PICTURE" button or manually type:
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] in the main window.

Useful links:

PostImage - main site i use to host my images, very comfortable UI.

I gladly accept donations, if you want to show your appreciation and gratitude for my work. Please visit my website for more details.

Graphic Design by Xtcmax

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Hey, thought I might give this a go. :)

I would like to order a signature with a matching avatar that fit with the maximum sizes allowed on these forums.

I'll just ask you to be as creative as you like. Consider my name: CheezeHead and all associated themes with it. Basically, let your imagination run free.

Also, I would like my name in the Signature and "CH" in the avatar.

Thanks in advance!

P.S Your stuff looks pretty amazing. I'm keen to see what you can produce. :)


Cheezehead's order

thanks for the warm words about my art. Below is your order. I thought that making sig and ava relevant to the game is the best choice.




Size- What ever the biggest size allowed is without me needing to put it in a spoiler
Text - Death follows The Wicked
theme - something that's both scary and looks cool ( be creative ) and something to go with my name

also if you could create a similar one for my avatar

if you could do all of this i would relay appreciated it and plus rep you

Best Regards


Can I have a siggy and avy please

Theme-Something tribal,use your imagination but I would like to have colors other than red/orange
and Just make sure that I have my name


(ah forum was showing only har so I am attaching this image so that you can read my name)

in siggy and "hp" in avy

Reward- +rep or credit whatever you wants
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• Forum Signature Needed!
• Size: Maximum - 500-700/120
• Text: Wolf Pack - Heraklion - DR001 - Sigma - WoE
• Something with a wolf but really Just want something new and original! :D
Let your creative side take over! lol

Pictures to give ideas:

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SoTW = Signature of The Week

They do one every week (most of the time). I usually enter them. You would be good at them! :)


Xtcmax ~

If you'd be willing to make me a sig I'd greatly appreciate it. :) I want it Grepolis themed if that's not too much trouble also a red color to it would also be wonderful. :)

& of course not over the forums max for signatures. 120 px high and 700 px wide. :)

Forum Moderator/Hero (Whichever works best for you)

Thank you,

~ Lane