Greetings, from alliance: The Pyrrhic Device!


The Pyrrhic Device

Hello Everyone!

I am StringFury. We'll talk about that later :)

For now, welcome TPD! We stand strong. We stand united. We stand by our morals.
For our victories may be Pyrrhic, but what else do you have?
Use your wits... your skill... your strength... or even your humor. Whatever you use, let it be the device you use to conquer!

We are looking for members in o45 :) We are not an MRA, but also will not refuse those new to the game. Our size/plans will be a but under-the-table for now. If you are active, aggressive, and a team player: please send me a reply!

Thx, and have fun! :Angry:


HI String,

I did not realize you took part on the forums, Its really good to see ya mate :)