Grepolis Examiner// 1st Issue


Grepolis Examiner// 1st Issue

So Achilles needed a newspaper i took the liberty of taking of making the Grepolis Examiner. I will make this a weekly newspaper if you Achillions can make this forums tab active.

I only have 1 interview due to short notice but will have more next Issue.

Kuriants: Do you feel that there is Big Threats in Achilles?
Tommyfjh: Possibly it is still too early to tell. Give to the end of the month and we'd have a fair idea of which alliances are succeeding
Kuriants: Do you think your Round Table got off to a good start?
Tommyfjh: Yes, The teams are co-ordinating with one another which makes everything flow smoothly :)
For a small alliance we are doing pretty good afterall there's only 20 or so members but we're ranked 17th in abp
Kuriants: Do you think that being surrounded by T.T is a big problem?
tommyfjh: Well T.T. is a great alliance and we intend to stay friendly towards them. Other alliances aren't so lucky

Who will win?
As most Forum Goers know, Legends Of Orthia-Epsilon have 7 World Wonders built so they are victors of epsilon, but in Achilles they dont seem to be showing the Fire Power they had in Epsilon as they went into a War with the number 1 alliance in Achilles T.T. and Legends of Orthia are losing 7-0

Can They Come Back To Win This War?

NOOB of Achilles 19/03/2012

Goes To Zootfor being the First Person Over 20,000 Points To Get Rimmed.

I now Pronounce Zoot the Noob of Achilles. 19/3/2012.

News Of Achilles
With players conquering cities galore!!! one alliance sticks out with there colonisations and it is Epsilon who are a small tight group of players but are high up on the ranks for Colonisation Gains. T.T. have over 70 colonisation gains and only 2 losses which were cities handed over to friends.

Ghost Players
So as you know hundreds of players are going ghost, but i have noticed the top players are also going ghost, Such as Onoir and Mantykor who were in the top 2 once BP ended and then Onoir quit after being #1 in the world for around a week and no one was able to pass him out, why? maybe because of his Tactics or was it Gold, maybe a bit of both. Mantykor recently went ghost mysteriously leaving leaving many big ghosts around the world.

That is all, if it is not up to your standards let me know, if you have stuff to add PM me via: Forums.

Australian Army

try to get font size normal, bold all of your writing and questions, put the interviewees answers in italics. CENTER EVERYTHING


i liked the size and the whole pack,but some pics would make the newspaper great;-)


Ah a newspaper at last
much needed and hopefully we will see more issues in following weeks
Good Luck


good job bro :D glad to see Epsilon get some recognition for its accomplishments.


Some pictures and changing up of font type would definitely be nice. Some color might also give it a nice 'flare' Overall i thought it was good information. Hopefully more interviews in weeks to come...


Overall a great paper. Like Slobo said more pictures, +rep for your efforts as well!