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Since many people are looking for a newspaper, i am thinking of making one.

But i will need help and i will need the following:

1 more Reporter- the guys who ask the questions
2 Assistance- the guys who help with the ideas

Current Reporters:

The first issue will be posted once we get those people


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AJ deathprodigy

noob of the week, I have a similar award within my alliance. Known as the AJ Award. Basically if you do something retarded you get the award. I got it this week for attacking my own city rather than the city I was supposed to be conquering. Good luck with the newspaper, if I had more time i would most certainly help out


Ah much need newspaper,I hope that you will come with its first issue soon
I will be waiting for it :cool:

Clan of Quresh

Great idea, I have linked it to our alliance forum in HW for entertainment purposes, if you need any assistance I would be happy to help :)