~Grepolis New Polis Guide~


hera happiness in a 1st city is overrated imo. in the early stages of the game the VAST majority of your resources come from farming, so the 50% boost hera gives doesn't do a whole lot for increasing your % haul daily. hera is useful for other reasons though... my only real gripe with hera is that EVERYBODY takes hera as first god, she's like the one to chose when you can't decide :p just to be different (and stubborn) i usually go for the waterboy or athena (casting HP on my 1st CS makes me feel warm and fuzzy)

I generally go with Athena as my first God - Heroic Power is really useful in the beginning of the game, because almost no one has a navy, so 5 LS can take out anything (and those few that you can't take out, Zeus' powers can't help) and some people have annoying land troops, and HP is useful, and Wisdom is more useful than some might think.


I see that This is now becoming a debate on what is the best god to worship for your first city. Here is a calculation of each reference to each god in this thread.

Hera: 3

Posiden: 2

Athena: 1

Zeus: 1
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