Grepolis Roadmap 2014



Roadmap 2014

In the spirit of openness and transparency, we publish this roadmap to let you know about our plans for the current year. We hope you will be as eagerly looking forward to it as we do! Like all roadmaps, it may shift slightly, but we will share insight into what is happening as details become available. The listing is done in the current planned order. We will keep the roadmap updated on the DevBlog.

  • Fullscreen Town Overview
    You already know about this one, right? We have announced this topic in some more detail on our DevBlog, which you can read here: Devblog
    In case you don't trust this link, let us just tell you that the town overview will not be shown as a window anymore. Instead, it will make use of the full browser size. There will also be a new construction menu, which is supposed to have more of a haptic and visual appeal for new players.

  • Alliance Finder
    We had this item on last year's roadmap, but sadly it didn't make it. However, we will be working on this pretty soon in a simplified version. We think it's important to easily direct new players into alliances, as this can greatly help with your play.

  • Easter Event
    Jason's hen from the underworld will arrive! This year's Easter event will be different than the previous two. It's much more similar to the last Halloween event, as you will make the hen create mysterious eggs depending on the chosen diet of the hen. Stay tuned for awesome rewards!

  • Tutorial Revamp
    Although our tutorial is quite okay-ish, there is much room for improvements. Grepolis is a very complex game and the first experience can be pretty overwhelming to many. This is why we will make the early play session a lot easier by guiding the player through the first steps rather strictly.

  • Bundles & Packages
    Teasing and rewarding Gold purchases is important to us. We will introduce a nice addition so players will get some predetermined items / rewards upon purchasing certain Gold packages.

  • Rebalancing
    This topic has been lying around for too long to be honest. All the details have already been discussed with the community and we know that our players finally want to see this done. And yeah, we will definitely tackle this!

  • World Wonder Revamp
    Finally! Right? We know a lot of players have been waiting for this to happen and personally, we are also eagerly waiting for a change concerning the World Wonders. We still don't have a final decision, not to mention a concept. Maybe we will remove the World Wonders and introduce a completely new late-game feature to incentivize battles. Maybe some tweaks and changes to the existing World Wonders are enough... only Zeus knows!

  • Casual Worlds
    A hardcore game is not everyone's cup of tea. Grepolis is pretty harsh as you have to login regularly and everything can be taken from you. Grepolis is a cool experience, which is why we would like to open it up for a wider audience. One major rule for casual worlds will be that each player will have a capital town, which will have some benefits and which can never be conquered. Of course, there will be some more special rules, but these are not decided on yet.

  • Daily Login Bonus Revamp
    Frankly put, the current daily login bonus is pretty boring. We will overhaul it and add more awesome-sauce. There will be a much wider range of possible rewards!

  • Player Graphs & Statistics
    This is kind of a must-have for a strategy game. If you finish a match of "Age of Empires" for example, you can view all the details about the battle. We want to offer the players of Grepolis a similar experience, so they can keep track on their performance in the game.

  • Gods & Spells Improvements
    Okay, this sounds like a biggie and sadly, we do not have a real concept for this yet, but a ton of ideas. Gods are a major feature in Grepolis, but they are not as important as they should be. We also think that we can add a lot more strategic depth to the Gods in general. Maybe each God will have a wider range of spells and the player has to select four of them to put in his arsenal. We can probably provide more information near the end of the year.

  • Summer Event / Halloween Event / Christmas Event
    We know that we will introduce some more events throughout 2014, but right now there are no concepts ready. So we cannot really tell you what these events will be about, sorry! But rest assured that they will be exciting.
Excited or disappointed? Feel free to share your feedback and discuss the roadmap with us in this thread. If you want to go into details regarding one of the features, we invite you to open a separate thread in order to keep the overall feedback organized. Thank you!

Your Grepolis Team