Newspaper Grepolis Times: Dimale Edition (Issue One)


By ThinkingOutLoud

I initially had more ideas for this paper but since it is the holidays, schedule will be a little busier. So I decided to keep it simple.
I hope you enjoy!​

Table of Contents
  • Dimale Overview
    [*]Dimale Rumours
    [*]Question and Answer Session
    [*] Who's your favorite?
    [*]A Little Game

Dimale So Far..

The gates of Dimale opened for battle on November 10, 2015. Thousands of players entered this world. Alliances came and went. Those who remain became the elites of the world. The battle for top spot is extremely close between three alliances; La Famiglia, Coming Soon and Demons. However, alliances are still on the rise, this is a fairly young world and plenty of time for comebacks.
So without out further due, this is Dimale's ever changing top 12 alliances.

Coming Soon
La Famiglia
Breaking News
The Core
Cry Of Fear

Dimale Rumours - You decide

Credit to WeKnowMemes

  • Sources say La Camarra is a product of rebelling from La Famiglia or possibly an academy.
  • Demons are falling apart internally.
  • Breaking News are looking for people to recruit in order to survive Dimale longer.
  • Coming Soon doesn't have pacts and fights alone
  • Rumours suggest that a player recently said this about *Head*Hunter* "He isn't as good as he think he is"

Maps and Maps

We all love maps

If there is one thing Grepolis players share in common is that they love looking at maps. Does anyone know why?
Here are your maps of the top 12 alliances.

#1-#6 Alliances Map
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.00.49 PM.png

#7-#12 Alliances Map
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.06.28 PM.png

Why aren't they combined one might ask?
Simply, they get too chaotic to read. Everyone here is capable enough to put the maps together in their head. Just think puzzle.
On a much more serious note, we can clearly see that the top 6 alliances are practically neighbours and will be fighting for the core of Dimale.
It definitely will be interesting to see how everything will shape up in the coming months.​

Question and Answer Session


Credits to

Please welcome The Servant, the notorious leader of La Famiglia

Which previous worlds have you played in? How far did you get?
I've played several but only stayed for a month or two. Sinope was the first one I stayed until the end. In Sinope I started without knowing anyone (had been away from the game for 3 years), surrounded by reds, and through many many ocean wars was eventually beaten and absorbed into "The Fluffernutters". Through a series of events I became leader there and unfortunately we were forced into a coalition to fight Coming Soon. We lost the server, but won the crowns (which was actually my goal) - but in the end I was taught a great deal about the game, and about leadership. Enemies and allies alike have been my tutors.
What are your thoughts on gold players?
They are playing with the tools given to them. I do use gold at the start (maybe ~4k during the first 2 weeks?) but after that it's just for advisors and absolute emergencies... And maybe one extra spin to try get something nice (but I never do).
Overall my experience is that gold players are actually not great at the game. Their wallet saves their cities and not their skill or teamwork. When they are cornered so they can't buy their way out (hard to do but did it 4 times in Sinope) they almost invariably ghost because they can't deal with loss.
I think mild/minimal gold players show the most skill and have my respect more than others. Non-gold users are also frustrating because they don't have advisors which are a must.
Do you like the new Christmas Event?
I think it's harder to stock up on tokens which is good to stop the gold abuse - but some people still manage it! So probably the fairest event yet.
My only gripe is getting 47,000 wood or something - surely someone in development noticed this??
What is the secret to La Famiglia's rise to the top?
I think three things;
1. I had a handful of Sinope great's join me, which immediately put us on the map and attracted some others who wanted an alternative.
2. We got a great location to start off, and Apex had some internal issues which bought us plenty of time to get our heads around conquest (most of us have never played CQ before).
3. I spend too long on the game and obsess over planning and strategy, and when that is combined with killers who can execute orders professionally, it's a winning combination.
What would you say are the disadvantages and advantages of being #1 alliance on this world?
Personally, I hate being at the top in points because it's a terrible stat to judge alliances on. We're not the best out there, and while we strive to be, we have a lot of improvement needed. Earlier, when we became number 1, it was actually not intentional and I much prefer to be in the background.
I guess the advantage is a morale boost for those who value points.
Disadvantage is suddenly people see you as the top dog which must be taken down, and you get more heavily judged if you make a mistake or lose a city.
In your opinion, what makes a good leader?
I think that the best leader is one who believes in the alliance, and can build the alliance in a way which makes others believe in it too. One of our core tenants which I try to uphold is putting the alliance before your own needs. That is hard, and often people slip into selfish habits, but I generally find that once the culture takes hold - we stop worrying about gaining cities or filling slots, and start thinking about how to win as a team. About 1/3 of my current alliance gets it, and that is growing.

Up next in our Q&A session, representing Coming Soon is non other than *Head*Hunter*.

What are your thoughts on the Dimale so far?
So far in Dimale is a fun world. Right now there are some really great teams and players. I hate drama and this world seems a bit different (At least ALL except Breaking News).

What previous worlds have you played in? Were any of them successful?

Ive played in many worlds. I change my name almost every 2 worlds. Sometimes the best strategy is for people to not know who are/were ;)

What are your thoughts on gold players?

Gold is apart of the game now. We cant do anything but go with the flow. I see many people downing those that use it (especially with the Myths in the events). However its a war game.... Dont take your time complaining about... Take your time adapting your style and keep killing. Gold is not going away...
Which alliance do you think will make it far and why? (Apart from your own)
As for alliances... LF(La Famiglia) seems solid. They have the second best core (second to ours). They are steady and growing. However their BP seems to be lacking. I do think this will change. Demons seem really good as well.. However seem to have some internal stuff going on. They are also spread all over the world and are right between EVERYONE in the world. I think if they cut their far out players and focus more on 45 and less on LF they will do good. Then BN(Breaking News)... Despite my own views on their childish and disrespectful ways towards us and their OWN players... They do have a good chance. However the way they treat their own members, has now caused 5 to Ghost and a leader to as well. Weve taken many cities from them. They have taken inactives from us except 2 (if i recall). However they have now had to merge with a smaller alliance just to stay in the fight.They are like cockroaches... Kill 30 the next day they have 60.

What do you think of the Christmas event?

Christmas event is good. I like the extra BP. I do think Halloween and Christmas event are to close together... (but we cant change the days of holidays lol
In your opinion, what makes a good leader?
I'd say there are numerous things....

First thing would be attitude and personality. As they'd have to be personal yet also don't take BS. Someone that has rules and let's his people know them from start. Brotherly... Selfish leaders tend not to do anything but drive their alliance in the ground. Knowledge of the game and tactics (No brainer on that one lol). Activity (duh).

I'd say the most lethal things in a good leaders arsenal... conviction, resolve and ambition. A leader that has what I mentioned in first paragraph combined with these traits is unbeatable. They won't stop. They won't slow. But most importantly they wont quit. This will seep down through the alliance and others will fallow suit.

In summary... don't take BS, lead from the front, have drive, and knowledge etc.

To succeed as a leader the leader must know he follows his people more than they follow him. Once learnt they will fly.

And for our third guest, let's welcome the experienced Harvey Specter. One of the leaders of Breaking News
What previous worlds have you played in? Were any of them successful?
Played cythera, my alliance won it in the end but i had to leave shortly before. Now finished Taras also - Won
Thoughts on gold players?
Lifeless dudes with deep pockets and no other thing to spend money on.
What do you think of the Christmas Event?
Completly ruined this game.
What are your thoughts on the alliance Coming Soon?
Coming who? Where?

In your opinion, what makes a good leader?

Good social skill - keeping the group together and Map awareness - being able to see whats the best way for ur alliance to grow.

And finally, Demons's representative please welcome klskr
Have you played in previous worlds before? If so, how far did you get?
Previous world, mainly helorus and was leading alliance juggernaut, i have total player that world for 6 months and alliance was doing great with a strong hold of no 1 position.
after that alliance was broken and our members join space invader and i quit grepolis for 2 years

What are your thoughts on gold players?

They(gold players) shine in first but after some time the non gold user player will come up.
I think gold user rely to much on gold so they never get to learn the main play.
For them, the game is to take resources from the market to make army and store. For me i prefer looting resources from enemy and organize victory procession.
But i do need them to get gold

What do you think of the Christmas Event?

It is worse, they are forcing everyone to put money into game.
first give 10% extra and then at the same time give all crazy manti and harpy token in wheel. totally trying to make money but spoiling the real play.
increase the member should rely more on gold

What are your thoughts on the alliance La Famiglia?

Good alliance, right now opening an accademy alliance, i dont think it is a smart move as 130 members is more that enough with pact with BN. i think they will be having a hard time. no doubt they have some air to breath until the Christmas event.

In your opinion, what makes a good leader?

Leader should have a good vision and should be great in planning the things. mainly he should know the weak point of his own alliance and should accept them. i have many slimmer and i accept it.
leader has to deliver to boast the whole alliance.

Grepolis Gods - Who's your favorite?​






Credits to for five out of six pictures provided.
Credits also to pinterest for Zeus image

A Little Game

Since the riddle game rules has been broken, we'll have to change the type of game!

Prize 1: A Chariot from the mighty Zeus himself.
Prize 2: Five-hundred gol..silver from the treasures of the underworld.
Prize 3: A Kingly Gift from Poseidon.

Pick a number between one and sixty-nine.
I have chosen three numbers and the first three people to guess them wins.
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Definitely a good first issue. I do look forward to seeing more. I would like to suggest adding in wars, more details about what has happened, and the current top 12. Best of luck to your future issues! :)


nice first issue really enjoyed reading the interview they are always interesting to read.

nice job

+1 rep


Can I? I mean I hope it won't be offensive to the one who started this world's newspaper!

Well I think I'll have fun! :D


Go ahead mate, i'm kind of busy at the moment with real life.


Okay, I am going to make a second issue unless Galib is going to make his.