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    Launch into a new experience to Grepolis. Plan your operations with greater ease and time saving features of GrepOlymp. Get the feel of sitting in the Olymp Council of Gods and make important decisions. Playing Grepolis will no longer be the same again.

    Basically, GrepOlymp is a website which combines features of the Grepolis Forum, Skype messages, Image Editors - uploads. You can register and create a Private Group. Then send PM to your fellow players and ask then also to register and send you their respective usernames. You can then add them to your group.

    GrepOlymp has the following features:
    Operation Rooms 5 in all where you can select target city and operation type, with ETAs, Units, and all the needful stuffs.
    Chat Rooms Each Op Rooms have their specific self updating chat rooms. We also have a general Chat room which will be visible in all Op rooms.
    Image Reports These are also specific to each Op rooms.
    Hermes News Know whats going on among allies, enemies and other alliances in your watchlist.

    Extras Well organised and op specific links to grepintel

    Under Development Travel time from your cities to a Target City.

    Have a try and please let me know what you think of it.