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WWGW (World Wide Gythium Wars)

The Crazy Core

The Core oceans seems to be in its prime when it comes to war. All alliances are fighting and two seem to stick out the most. Tiny Teddies and Musketeers. These two top alliances are currently locked in war and it all started from what could very well be propaganda mixed with fear. The Musketeers heard whispers that the Tinny Teddies are planning an attack on them once the Tinny Teddies were ready. So the Musketeers thought and decided before TT could hit them they would hit the TT. So they planned their attacks and planned them well and attacked once ready.

The Musketeers most devious plan worked and they took there first few of many cities from the Tinny Teddies. This war still carries on strong and the Musketeers are still winning, but as many know war can change like the direction of the wind so only time can tell us who the victors will be.

When we ask Tazncazper leader of the Grimm Sleepers about what he believes the future of the Tinny Teddies will be like

he responded with

"I believe TT is close to its down fall. Out of the top 3 alliances they have the most dead weight. 055 is their weakness and I believe if things don't change in their internals they won't be here come may"

After Grimm Sleepers and Musketeers gave there opinion I asked BasilBarfly of TT his thoughts and it seems like he gave a very respectable short sweet answer.

he responded with

"It wont be an easy or quick war. Like any war, we have ups and downs.


All for One and One For All!!​

The Musketeers rise of fame and power was not an easy journey. They had to make game changing decisions and were put under alot of pressure. Alot of pressure came from what what some believe is propaganda others believe its fact. Maybe it was a mixture of both sadly I fear the truth behind this will never be revealed. Either way they wage war against the Tinny Teddies, Originally everyone feared the TT power and believed the Tinny Teddies could easily win this war Musketeers have proven many, me included how powerful they truly are and how great their leaders truly are.

When i asked Musketeers leaders why they engaged TT in war
I got this as a response

"Musketeers were originally pacted with TT, but we were concerned by increasing amounts of Intel which suggested they were not loyal and would be turning on us in the same way they did with other 'friends'. It would have been unwise to sit back, allow them to grow and wait until this happened, so we dissolved the pact and declared war. Although it would seem we were the ultimate betrayers by doing so, we felt we had no choice."

Then i asked their thoughts on TT and i got this extremely detailed message

"TT are a strong alliance with some exceptional players. Sadly, I believe they have some problems, like many alliances in Gythium. A number of inactive players, some internal leadership issues and players leaving and joining other alliances or setting up their own. Recently, some alliances have removed their allegiance to the Teds (Carpe Jugulum for one) which puts more pressure on them as they will begin to feel the weight of increased attacks which will stretch their defences further. As for how long they will last, that is very hard to say. They have a reputation for starting well in other worlds, but it doesn't seem to last. If they were to regroup, sort their inactives and concentrate on a solid core of active and aggressive players, rather than trying to absorb all around them, they msy fare better. I see them losing cities to enemies but gaining few from them. "
The Rim


War has spread so far it even plagues the far reaches of the rim were almost every major alliance is at war. Its become something like a free for all

Grimm Sleepers vs Noctis Venators
Grimm Sleepers vs Memento Mori
Grimm Sleepers vs Tiny Teddies

Comment: have found success fighting and taking all of the listed alliances cities

Memento Mori vs Noctis Venators
Memento Mori vs Alpha centuri
Memento Mori vs Grimm Sleepers

Comment : Have had no success only have had their cities taken

Noctis Venators vs Grimm Sleepers
Noctis Venators vs Memento Mori

Comment : Have had small success against both alliances

What Grimm thinks​

When we asked Grimm Sleepers what they thought of the alliances they're at war with or just take cities from.. I got these answers

Tiny Teddies

TT can attack well when they are going off a plan and not off their emotions when someone leaves the alliance. As far as defense they have some good defenders and then those who are bad. The biggest issue they have is don't know how to manage the defenses of who needs what.

Memento Mori

MM have not fought against them. But I will say that they are having a hard time against AC and most of the good players are no longer in AC

Noctis Venators

NV we started off strong against them but its a stand still at this point in the game. With our main focus on TT it may stay like that till TT is gone.

What Noctis Venators Think​

1. Memento Mori.

"Don't have much respect for them- players with whom I interacted wasn't that good. Even by their own opinion MM is not great alliance. Though lately seems like MM got on the right way and will be interesting to fight against them."

2. GS. (Grimm Sleepers)

"In my opinion absolutely the best alliance on this server. Not that they have been challenged seriously by anyone yet. They have many good, experienced players who know this game in and out. Will be tough cookie to break and I think it is not really in our interest to plan anything major against them. I rather see them getting fat and sleepy.

Noctis Venators ( our thoughts on the alliance )

"3.NV. We are doing well- getting BP which shows we are busy. One of very few things which bothers me is we are fat, have a lot of inactive/semi-active players. More than half our members are never involved in alliance activities. They should be cut and their cities given to active players from Academy."


The rise and fall of Carpe Jugulum​

Carpe was once the 5th best alliance in Gythium. They had a good lead over most of the alliances below it until darkness and betrayal struck them. It started with their founder being banned which allowed the currupt diplomat adammalta to lead the alliance.He acted alone and did not consult the council of any of his moves. So he planned a partial merge with Grimm Sleepers where all of the top players would move over. After adammalta left and joined Grimm, Carpe decided to change their name to -ABZ- but shortly after brought it back to it original name Carpe jugulum.

Alot of Carpe members are very emotional on this topic and seek revenge against adammalta

One in specific, player named REDWAR told me

"If his cities were near to me I would have smashed him and taken his worthless cities just to kick him out of this world!"

Carpe Rebuild

Currently Carpe Jugulum is working on returning their alliance back to its former greatness. With some dedication and hard work I believe they can create an even better alliance.



The lol letter created by Dux Vox of The Trolls in Knossos.


I am pleased to announce that your town has been selected to join ( inset alliance name here). You were sent an eviction notice in the mail with ample time to evacuate to a more comfortable city. Did you not receive it? Well if not that is a shame we cannot push our timelines back any further. In that case please be kind enough to leave all your remaining troops in place to provide us with additional BP. After all without BP we will not be able to select future towns for integration. ( inset alliance name here) are looking forward to visiting you soon.

Best wishes and don't forget to send a postcard from the Rim,
Your name here


Ocean 77 all Out War!!!!!​

Hide Your Children Hide Your Women because ocean 77 have broken out into a full on free for all when Jonorocks1 declared war on every alliance in ocean 77 and nearby the list includes

-The United (Ranked 29)
-Momento Mori (Ranked 5)
-Lionheart (42)
-Fiorian (169)
-The Trojans (86)
-The New Wave (69)
-Noctis Venators (6)
-Noctis academy (21)
-The emperors Henchmen (25)
-Necrosis (63)

Fear the wrath of his 8 ls and be smart and move out
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This concludes this weeks edition of Gythium War weekly

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This is quite good. Good to see some nice papers coming out now while all these wars are happening


Thanks for not misquoting me (and also for including my typo ROFL). Nice work by you thedemon447 *claps*



+rep for including me :p An update on the O77 war: I decided i needed some noobs to help me rule and to be my slaves, so i joined The New Wave and i have begun the process of transforming the alliance into what i want to help me rule the rim xP



The marvelous alliance Tiny Teddies disbanded out of no where all i knew was that there leader CheezeHead was in VM So i Messaged Basil
and he responded with

"After an effective attack by the Tiny Teddies in rimming the player Shadowed Cloak, all the Teddies were shocked when they found that their alliance was dissolved by their leader Cheezehead.

That should make the headlines.

Temporary Tiny is being founded right now, but is different from Tiny Teddies.

I am the founder.

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Update 2

I want everyone to turn there attention to Cheezehead's in game profile page

it states

- You have been hacked by Anonymous.

Good game .


grimm isnt at war with mori... we are at war with alpha centuri... dunno where u got that from bro


you see it simpliler then that though if either of you read it properly and not just looked at it and passed judgement you would have read it when it said

"When we asked Grimm Sleepers what they thought of the alliances they're at war with or just take cities from.. I got these answers"


Yep, very entertaining. In fact, the recent events made a formerly somewhat boring world exciting again.

Here's hope TT's successor won't be as douch_ebagish as their predeccesor.