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As an introduction let me be quick to point out that whatever appears in here amounts to my own opinion and nothing more. However I might add that such opinion comes out of a reasonable amount of experience and a desire to understand what works and what doesn't in the land of Grepolis. And no such experience doesnt fall under my current name Im travelling incognito ;)

In other words I dont profess to know everything but there are some things that I do know and such knowledge has been tried and tested over time and under duress.

Principle One

Build with Purpose

As in life goals generate activity and consistent activity produces results. Its no different here, if you want to build something that stands the test of time and trials then you must build with purpose to do anything less is to squander your resources and frustrate your efforts.

My Golden Rule has always been only Take what you can hold sometimes as in life you need to cut your losses and move on.

Choose your battles carefully, what ground are I willing to fight for and which cities are I willing to contest? Why do I want this particular city? Why expand into this particular quadrant of an ocean or into any ocean for that matter? Establish Clear Objectives and Well defined goals in others words Build with Purpose.

The Benefits of Specialization

Note: Specialization becomes available a little down the line generally your first city will have to be a jack of all trades as opposed to a master of anything but the rate some move this bares mention now.

What do I mean when I talk about extreme specialization?

Specialization is developing in this frame of reference a city to its maximum potential in regard to what you design it to do, in other words if its offensive then thats all it is cut back to the bone carrying no flab just plain mean ugly offensive!

Heres an example of what I call extreme specialization in regard to an offensive city:

Troop numbers:

1600 pop of offensive troops eg slingers 1,000 + Horsemen 200 + Light ships 50 + Fast Transports 100

Relevant Building stats attached to this type of offensive city:

Barracks level 30 Wall level 25 Farm level 40 Tower and Thermal Baths

Research tree:

Phalanx - Trainer - Cartography - Battering Ram - Light Transport Boats - Bunks researched


A maxed out Barracks for the build speed both initially and to a greater degree due to losses in the field, remember the higher the level of Barracks the faster you can produce troops from it and trust me during wars of attrition it can be the difference between survival and extinction.

Trainer for the same benefits as above build speed. Note Remember to augment build speed whenever possible with Population Growth (Hera) and call of the Ocean (Poseidon) - Cartography and Fast Transports for the speed boost to your attack remember this is a game of timing the quicker your attack arrives the less time your adversary has to prepare and deal with it adequately, bunks to offset the loss in transport capacity and Battering Ram and Phalanx to give your offensive arsenal that additional punch to help them break through Bireme walls and defensive troops.

The light ships while modest in number should follow strikes that you make from a dedicated Light Ship Base (Generally between 200 - 250 in number)

Tip Never send an unescorted attack and by that I mean an attack that doesnt come with offensive naval forces whether thats an extreme Hydra or more standard Light Ships or Triremes. Exceptions to the rule are units that dont require a ship escort ie Manticores or internal strikes that take place between two cities that share the same island.

Every other type of attack faces the prospect of facing naval defensive units in the harbor and an unescorted attack ie one with only transports and men will find itself sunk with all hands on deck should it run into even 1 Bireme in the harbor.

Defensive tip here whenever you see a stream of close running and tight attacks coming in lets say at intervals of 1 min or less try and arrange for Biremes to turn up between them especially toward the end of the attacks because its there that players get lazy and try and tag on attacks that either dont come with an offensive naval escort or one with too few numbers ie 10-25 light ships, their thinking generally runs along the lines of my light ships should have wiped out any defensive Biremes by then? Dont make the same mistake when launching your own salvos always have them escorted for the best results!

In capping off remember an average run of the mill city will never be able to produce the same results in a dog fight that a specialized one can. Its not easy to specialize early in this game because your initial cities generally need to be both offensive and defensive but as you grow and the number of cities at your disposal grows so will your ability to breed what I call thorough-bred stallions, they will see you stand head and shoulders above the rest of the teeming masses.

Note: Why add this here? Why Bother? Simply because there are and will be players that are new to the game, if this is able to provide some direction then it will have served its purpose. If there are those of you who see value here and if the leaders sanction it I will be happy to add some more and develop some common themes.

+rep me if you liked it
-rep me if you dont like it

If you feel i made a mistake post and ill change it. PS its my first guide so dont be too harsh
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T- Rex

+1, know this already, but for taking time out to do it

but early cities can be redone


+rep Thanks for your time and good work it`s invalueble for newb`s like my self when the veterans share their experiense:)
Good guide.

I do mine a bit differently as I:

Knock my mines down to one.
Knock the wall down to one.
Don't make a tower, that is a defence building not offence.
Knock the Senate down.
I would knock the barracks down to 10 and use gold to speed up the troop process, no need for high barracks.
Knock anything down that takes up farm space.

You should always have the plow in any city with troops of any sort.

Here is a screen shot of an attack city of mine that is not fully re-modelled.
But by knocking down buildings you get more farm space which is more troops.

The city has not yet been adjusted, but already you can see much more troops than in the example you listed.
(not that yours is wrong or worse, just different)

Depends how extreme you want to go.

I do similar for my defence cities:

Again this is not complete and there is much demolishing to be done.


Knock my mines down to one.
then where will get you get resources

Knock the wall down to one.
Don't make a tower, that is a defence building not offence.
what if somebody attacked you ??

I would knock the barracks down to 10 and use gold to speed up the troop process, no need for high barracks.
everybody cannot buy gold
I get resources from attacking other people.
Much more than I would from mines.

If I am attacked then as with all offence based cities, I dodge the attack.

True indeed.
I do though and so do others, so the barracks bit is aimed at those that can.
Oh, you think my way of playing is bad and you wanted to have a go at me about it.
How very useful for the new players.

I thought you had something positive to add for a moment, but not so, just being provocotive on purpose.
Kudos to you sir.
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Please remember to keep this on topic and civil guys.

Every player has their own methods, strategies and playstyles as well as their individual pros and cons - none of which are right or wrong. If you wish to continue this discussion please do so in Gameplay Discussions unless it is directly related to the OP.

Appolyon Fury

'm still a noob to this game but I am a worthy Veteran of many games like this, and it seems interesting so far other than the many time-zones that my alliance is in. So I'm wondering how I can further my interest if I were to continue, and if by any chance I get bored or too sick of this game too early then at least I leave behind a challenge for others should they find my city and try to farm it :D

arul asveen

Oh, you think my way of playing is bad and you wanted to have a go at me about it.
How very useful for the new players.

I thought you had something positive to add for a moment, but not so, just being provocotive on purpose.
Kudos to you sir.
if you have no ghosts near by what do u do? and not many players can be active for more than 5hrs a day. You ought to know that mines are very very important, my friends please DO NOT KNOCK YOUR WALLS AND MINES DOWN!
Resources are important, and more over many people cant buy gold!

If you look at a veteran's guide, you will know that mines are important.
Please do more research, other than the wall and mine knocking part, the rest are good.

+rep for your efforts:)


lord crimson or crimson lord,how did you make the silver mines level 11 but the timber camps 1?


He demolished them after getting the pre-requisite levels.

Not sure if that is possible in this version, I think the pre-requisites are required to stay.

P.s. Guide is obsolete, so perhaps read a newer one.


I think that what the crimson lord didnt clarify by saying this....
Knock my mines down to one.
Knock the wall down to one.[/B]
Is two points:
1.When you reach the point that you have over 5-6 cities you actually can live without the mines(I dont do this personally).And,
2.When you actually do it(throw down the mines and wall),you can dodge any incomings,send support from your other cities.Unless its a conquest world,wich means you will actually have to dodge coz you will need your off.units and wall for breaking the siege.
Besides,the best defence,isnt it the offense? ;)
It still comes down to what style is the player's favorite.
good guide though :)
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