Harbingers vs. Ares / EotD / SG-Elites


I just want to say a quick thanks to DOA for all the BP they have given me recently, including a cool 100000 BP in one day last wednesday. Also a big thanks for taking some of those cities of me which I had used as stepping stones to get to the other side of Delta whilst I was still in DOA. I have been trying to fob those cities off on people for ages and am delighted to get rid of them. Now I can take a few more DOA cities in ocean 75.

Also a big thanks to Kristopoulos for those 80 attacks you sent at me. I enjoyed watching your soldiers cough and splutter as they drowned. Tip: if you send attacks at an opponent from 30 hours away then you can expect your opponent's city to be full of biremes by the time your attacks arrive.