Help Needed



I am newbie in this game.
Tomorrow my beginner protection will be lost, i am so worried if someone wants to attack me, they can easily conquer my city because my points is like 600 and my troops like 120 but most players here with more than 3k points and much troops.

My question is, Is everyone allowed to attack on me or there is some level restrictions since i am new?

Thanks alot.
Your answer will be really much apprecaited!


Once your BP ends, everyone can attack you! However, [wiki]Morale[/wiki] is in effect here, meaning that if a larger player attacks you (4 times larger, to be precise), then he/she will be at a disadvantage. This [wiki=Morale]wiki topic should explain more[/wiki].

Anyway, welcome to Grepolis! Only 5 of us are at 3k points or more atm as well... so don't worry atm ;)


Hey Mast3rs, Welcome our world :p

First of all yes we have 3k points but we cannot attack you.You are pretty far away from all high points players, and also this world is morale world. This mean if a high points player will attack too low points player, he ll lose many troops anormally:D So just relax and focus your strategy:)

PS. If you are active player, like 12 hours in a day or more go with mostly offansive:) But you are semi active recruit troops mostly defensive. This is my opinion :) :p

Emperor of Sorrows

If you are active player, like 12 hours in a day or more

that's not active, that's a psychological dependency. Might wanna try to get outside some... Just sayin....


i just have this open in the background when i'm working etc... so i just farm, build and attack every so often...